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Canada Post Group of Companies


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Purolator Courier Ltd. is Canada's leading overnight courier company.

The Mississauga company employs more than 12,500 people and processes more than 5.5 million items each week. Purolator's network consists of 143 operations locations, including three main hub facilities, 14 regional hubs/depots and the country's largest dedicated air express fleet. Purolator also delivers to more than 35,000 destinations in the United States, and more than 220 countries worldwide.


Logo - Innovapost

Innovapost offers a variety of Information System (IS) and Information Technology (IT) services to the Canada Post Group of Companies and their customers. With offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Mississauga, Innovapost operates as the Group's Shared Services Provider to help realize greater value from technology and business process investments. For more information, visit the Innovapost website at

SCI Group Inc.

SCI Group Inc.

SCI Group Inc. offers a suite of innovative logistics and transportation management solutions to help your company develop a supply chain that optimizes efficiency and minimizes operating costs.

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