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New model for delivering the mail

As we continue to modernize Canada Post’s operations through Postal Transformation, our new delivery model is being implemented across the country. Instead of maintaining separate workforces on foot to deliver mail and in vehicles to deliver parcels, we are equipping our delivery agents with vehicles to deliver all products in a geographical area.

This may sound basic, but having the ability to deliver all of your mail, including parcels, to you and your customers all at once is a major change. It allows us to be more efficient. We’re changing so we can keep providing all Canadians with the reliable and affordable service you expect.

Our delivery vehicles will be equipped with portable data terminals providing delivery agents real time access to the full range of Canada Post communication services, including the ability to update delivery information for parcel tracking or confirm incorrect customer addresses and further improve delivery efficiency.

Your Canada Post Delivery Agent may be in your neighbourhood at a different time than what you are accustomed to. Also, one of our new delivery vehicles may be parked on your street while we deliver your mail. We will continue to deliver your mail every business day, but it’s possible you will receive it at a different time.

When is the new delivery model coming to my area?

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Delivery Model Implementation
(this chart will be updated regularly. Please check back often)

Date Region Depot (FSA)
Coming Soon (April 2015)
January 2015

The New Delivery Model – a closer look:

The way we’ve delivered mail hasn’t really changed in decades. A number of changes are being planned for delivery agents as we strive to modernize, to become more competitive and to position ourselves for future growth in various products. The new delivery model enables our delivery workforce to move into the future, giving us the ability to manage changing volumes and market demands.

Here are some of the changes to delivery:

  • Today, mail is sorted manually at the route level by the delivery agent to his or her route’s order of delivery, but in the future, new equipment will pre-sequence the majority of Lettermail™ according to the delivery agent’s line of travel along the route;
  • Because more mail will be sorted by the equipment in the plants, delivery agents will be able to leave the depot and begin their deliveries earlier. This allows for multiple start times with two delivery agents sharing the same case, reducing the need for depot real estate and reducing vehicle traffic at the dock;
  • Delivery agents will spend less time inside preparing their mail and more time outside delivering both mail and parcels, picking up from commercial customers, and collecting from street letter boxes and retail postal outlets;
  • Start and end times will change, to enable delivery agents to perform both delivery and collection activities in “waves”, meaning that one group of delivery agents will be scheduled to start after the earlier group has completed their inside work. This is why although we will continue to deliver your mail every business day, it’s possible you will receive it at a different time of the day;
  • Delivery agents will be provided with tools to assist them, including new ergonomic sorting cases, personal data terminals, and low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles;
  • Providing vehicles to delivery agents will allow them to deliver all products, including parcels, as well as collect mail along their routes, and be protected from inclement weather.