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Machineable Presort for the Addressed Admail™ service

Machineable Presort at a glance

With the addition of Machineable Presort to the Addressed Admail service portfolio, you now have more choice and flexibility than ever when selecting a mail preparation option for your business.

Machineable Presort is an exciting new mail preparation and presortation option from Canada Post for Short and Long Addressed Admail items weighing up to 50 grams. The option combines the physical mail characteristics of Machineable Mail with the preparation and presortation requirements for Letter Carrier Presort (LCP), to deliver:

  • work-share benefits
  • greater efficiencies
  • an attractive price option

Machineable Presort will reduce the amount of bundling required, resulting in less mail preparation effort for you.

Follow three easy steps to design, prepare and deposit your Machineable Presort Addressed Admail pieces.

Step 1: Design your mail items for machine processing

Follow the requirements set out in our Machineable Postal Standards Guide to ensure that our automated equipment can read and process your mail.

  • The Machineable Postal Standards Guide – has been simplified and streamlined to provide you with all of the information you need to create machineable mail items. Meeting the requirements set out in the guide will ensure that your mail is processed efficiently and that you avoid unnecessary surcharges.

Several other tools are also available to help you design machineable mail items, including:

  • The Machineable Mail Advisor – a self-serve online resource centre to help you design creative, machine-friendly mailings. With this new tool, you’ll be able to browse, preview and download machineable card and envelope templates, complete with built-in guidelines. The tool is also designed to help you boost the marketing appeal of your mailing through demonstrated best practices in colours, fonts and graphics placement.
  • Do-it-Yourself Checklists – handy checklists to guide you through our machineability and readability requirements.
  • Sizing Templates – identifies areas that are reserved for Address, Postage and Quiet Zones, helping to ensure machine readability.
  • Assessment Process – reduces the risk of surcharges and ensures efficient processing. We recommend using this free evaluation service to test the machineability/readability of your mail.

Step 2: Prepare and presort your mail

The mail preparation and presortation requirements for Machineable Presort are very similar to those for the Letter Carrier Presort option. You must use Canada Post-approved presortation software to sort and group your mail according to five levels. Groupings must also be containerized.

The key differences between the two service options are:

  • Groupings within Forward Consolidation Point (FCP) and Residue containers do not require bundling for Machineable Presort.
  • Bags are not an acceptable container type. Only lettertainers with lids can be used for Machineable Presort.

Follow these important steps to prepare and presort your mail:

  1. Ensure that you are using Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) software that is updated with the new Machineable Presort option.
  2. Consult the Mail Preparation and Presortation Guide for Machineable Presort for complete information on how to prepare and presort your mailing.
  3. Make sure that you have the proper containers.*
  4. Use the Do-it-Yourself Checklist to ensure that your mailing meets requirements.

The Overview of Machineable Presort Requirements table provides a comparison of the key mail preparation and presortation requirements for the new Machineable Presort option as they relate to Letter Carrier Presort and Machineable Mail in the Addressed Admail portfolio.

*If Canada Post Lettertainers are unavailable, you may use the new Cardboard Lettertainers as a convenient container alternative with the Machineable Presort option. These can be purchased directly from Canada Post or in bulk from participating manufacturers.

Step 3: Create your Order (Statement of Mailing) and induct your mail

Like the Letter Carrier Presort option, Mailing Plans for Machineable Presort must be imported into the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) using the Presort Mailing Plan Import Program available through the SERP software.

When your mail is ready for induction, the final step is to deposit it at one of Canada Post’s 21 mechanized plants. It is important to deposit only at these locations, as they are the facilities equipped to receive and process Machineable Presort mailings.

Mail should be deposited prior to cut-off times in order to meet Addressed Admail delivery standards.

Have questions?

Contact the Canada Post Commercial Service Network at 1-866-757-5480.