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AdCard – Unaddressed and Addressed

Your convenient, "one-stop" Direct Mail solution.

Example of a scented Adcard campaign

Get all the benefits of Direct Mail, but with less effort. From targeting customers to delivering your mail, we take care of it all for you. Our experts will handle your entire campaign within a timeframe that meets your campaign deadlines and at a price that works for your business.

As an example, an order of 25,000 unaddressed 1-panel AdCard items with a perforated coupon option would cost 9¢ a piece (plus postage and applicable taxes) and could be printed and ready for induction in as little as 7 business days.

Put our AdCard™ service to work for you now.

Learning the Basics

What we can do for you

Need an extra pair of hands? Let us take care of:

  • Finding the right customers.
  • Printing your campaign.
  • Preparing your mail.
  • Delivering your mail professionally.

Two campaign options

Target specific neighbourhoods

This is an unaddressed campaign, so no customer list is required. Get your campaign into mailboxes on select delivery routes using our professional Data & Targeting solutions. Your pick where your AdCard mailing gets delivered based on factors such as geographic areas, demographic variables and more. Find out more about Data & Targeting Solutions.

Target specific addresses

This is an addressed promotional campaign. Simply provide us your in-house or rented customer list and we can validate that your addresses are complete and accurate with our Address Accuracy software. We can also combine multiple lists from different sources and eliminate duplicate customers from your lists.

Get creative with your mail

Combine creative elements to build a campaign that matches your marketing style and brand image. Choose from:

  • A variety of standard card formats or a customized card layout.
  • A selection of quality card stocks.
Example of a scented Adcard campaign
Scented Admail
Repositionable Notes
Repositionable Notes

Help boost your response rate by developing an engaging, sensory and interactive campaign. Generate interest with:

  • Perforated coupons and other response triggers.
  • Funky die-cut shapes and designs.
  • Scratch-and-win and scratch-and-sniff elements to build anticipation.
  • Removable sticky-notes for longer advertising life.

Learn more about your creative options.


Choose from 3 standard card formats or customize your format and creative options. View the details about your format options and the requirements for sending us your artwork:

The minimum order for AdCard service is 1,000 pieces sent anywhere in Canada.

Rates & prices

Pricing includes production and preparation of your Direct Mail piece on premium card stock. Prices vary depending on format and quantity. As an example, an order of 25,000 unaddressed 1-panel AdCard pieces with a perforated coupon option would cost 9¢ a piece (plus postage and applicable taxes).

Consider creating multiple print versions as a single order. You may benefit from higher volume pricing by taking advantage of printing technology that allows you to change graphics or content.

Additional fees apply for:

  • postage
  • creative design
  • press checks
  • additional creative options
  • applicable taxes

If you are an Unaddressed Admail contract customer, your AdCard campaigns now count towards your annual volume commitment. Additionally, your Unaddressed Admail contract price (discount level) now applies to the postage price for AdCard mailings (plus applicable Transportation Fees).

AdCard service in 2 easy steps

  1. Place your AdCard order by contacting your Canada Post representative or by calling
    1-866-757-5480 for a quote.
  2. Send us your artwork according to the instructions in our Specifications (and your mailing list(s) if you're running an addressed campaign).

Once you approve the final artwork and mailing plan, your campaign could be printed and ready for induction in as little as 6 business days, depending on the number of pieces and creative options you select.

25,000 unaddressed 1-panel AdCard pieces with a perforated coupon option could be printed and ready for induction in 7 business days.

When will your mail get there?

Delivery Standards are estimates of how long it takes for your mail to be delivered to your customers from the date it was dropped off to us. Delivery Standards are not guaranteed and vary by product.

Learn more about delivery Standards for your unaddressed campaigns.

Learn more about delivery Standards for your addressed campaigns.

Our AdCard service supplier is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Why not ensure all your other mailings are also made from responsibly managed forest products?


Need help? Contact us and we'll gladly answer your questions.

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Contact your Canada Post representative or call 1-866-757-5480 for a quote.

Learn more about our targeting service for your Direct Mail campaigns.

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