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Latest Holiday News

Tradition, Santa’s magic highlight 2014 holiday stamps from Canada Post

Canada Post blends the playful and magical essence of the holidays with the sacred tradition of Christmas with its latest holiday stamp issue, released today.

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Canada Post gears up for record-breaking holiday season

With more Canadians doing their holiday shopping online, parcel volumes have begun to soar, setting up what is expected to be a record-breaking season. As Canada Post delivers two out of three parcels ordered online, it has significantly boosted its seasonal resources and revamped its operations to ensure that retailers can meet customer expectations, and that gift-givers across the country receive their orders on time.

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Write to Santa and he'll write back!

Sacks of letters are arriving at the North Pole. Postal elves are busy helping Santa reply to each and every letter that has a return address. Whether you're a parent or teacher, we have tips to help with successful letter writing and replies from Santa.

Mail to Santa before December 16

There's room for everyone on the Nice List! Santa's postal elves are ready to help Santa answer letters in more than 30 languages, including Braille! There are 3 golden rules when sending a letter to Santa:

  1. Make sure to include your full return address.
  2. While wish lists are good (especially for the workshop elves), Santa really loves to read about your child's favourite sports, jokes, school activities or family fun (even if Mom and Dad help with the writing). And, of course, he loves to get pictures and drawings from even his youngest pen pals!
  3. Send your letter soon. Letters must be mailed by December 16 to receive a reply (it's a long way to the North Pole and back!).

Santa's address:

Fun letterhead! - Younger kids Fun letterhead! - Older kids

How to help Santa write back to your students

Last year, more than half of the 1.48 million children's letters received by Santa came from schools and daycares. We want every child who writes to Santa to enjoy the magical experience of receiving a reply. To do that, we need your help. Here's how:


Ask children to share some news that helps Santa's postal elves. Encourage your students to share their favourite subject, sport, holiday plans, or even a funny joke so that Santa may add a meaningful postscript to the letter that each child receives. Photocopied wish lists aren't much help, as Santa doesn't make any promises about gifts in his letters.

Mailing letters

  • Letters to Santa must be mailed by December 8 in order to get replies before your school or daycare breaks for the holidays. We realize this is early in your holiday activities, but it helps Santa to ensure there is enough time to get replies back before the holiday break. You can keep the replies to hand out on special day. School letters mailed after December 8 will receive a class letter before or after Christmas, depending on the date received.
  • Put all your letters in one large envelope to mail to Santa. This way, everyone in the class gets their letters at the same time. Please mail it to:


  • We can't mail letters back to a child's home. Privacy legislation in most provinces means that it is unlikely you have permission to share home addresses.
  • Include a printed class list in the package to avoid misspelling of a child's name and to ensure that all students (even those absent on letter-writing day) receive a reply.


You must include a completed checklist (print out and fill in) and include it in the package with the children's letters.

No postage required

Your package of letters to Santa does not need postage.

If a completed checklist is not included with the letters, if letters are not sent in a single package, or if letters are mailed after December 8, a single, poster-sized reply letter (before or after the holidays) will be sent.

Santa's address:

Santa is on TV!

It’s busy at the North Pole, but the reindeers nudged Santa into making a special message for you.