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Latest Holiday News

Cyber Week makes rapid rise in Canadian online retail

Cyber Week and online shopping are rapidly becoming a Canadian holiday tradition. New data based on parcel volumes compiled by Canada Post show that e-commerce shipments as a result of Cyber Week this year have doubled since 2012.

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Canada Post gears up for record-breaking holiday season

With more Canadians doing their holiday shopping online, parcel volumes have begun to soar, setting up what is expected to be a record-breaking season. As Canada Post delivers two out of three parcels ordered online, it has significantly boosted its seasonal resources and revamped its operations to ensure that retailers can meet customer expectations, and that gift-givers across the country receive their orders on time.

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Tradition, Santa’s magic highlight 2014 holiday stamps from Canada Post

Canada Post blends the playful and magical essence of the holidays with the sacred tradition of Christmas with its latest holiday stamp issue, released today.

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Need a letter from Santa?

Santa has run out of time for mailing letters (the North Pole is far way!). If you need a letter from Santa, you can print one here!

Santa has run out of time for mailing letters (the North Pole is far way!). If you need a letter from Santa, you can print one here!

Last minute letter to Santa

The deadline to mail class letters to Santa has passed. While Santa’s postal elves are working hard to ensure every class letter is replied to as soon as possible, if you have not received your letters from Santa yet, here are Santa’s emergency letters you can download and print.

Santa is on TV!

It’s busy at the North Pole, but the reindeers nudged Santa into making a special message for you.