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Mailer facts

Mailer facts
  • Mailers is our term for companies that send you bills and documents.
  • We have partnered with over 100 Mailers from all across Canada.
  • Search for the ones you do business with and add them to your account.
  • Find your mailer by name or view the ones available in your province.
  • Soon you will receive statements from the ones you choose.
  • We are adding new partners all the time. Suggest one you would like to see in epost.

How to add your bills and notices

epost Mailbox

Have your paper bills on hand--you will need details off of them.

Select My Mailers
My Mailers
Then select Add a Mailer
Add a Mailer
You can search for your Mailers by province
Search by province
Or by name
Search by brand name
You will then be prompted to enter information as shown:
Enter your information as shown
If you choose to Save & Complete Later, your new Mailer will show on your list as Incomplete until you are able to finish the request.
Save & Complete Later