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eBay Shipping Guide

Shipping the goods you sell on eBay is easier than ever.


  • Ship with Canada Post right from eBay.

  • Get access to shipping discounts.

eBay + Canada Post = easy shipping

We’ve partnered with eBay to allow you to create, purchase and print Canada Post shipping labels right from your eBay or PayPal account. You’ll also be able to:

  • Track your parcels directly from My eBay.
  • Set up automated notification emails for you and your buyer.
  • Have your buyer's address automatically appear on your shipping labels.
  • Prepare customs forms online for international shipments.

Rates & prices

When you use eBay’s online shipping tool, you can choose one of the following options for shipping with Canada Post:

  • Calculate postage based on your parcel’s size, weight and destination and get the following discounts:*
    • Save 18% when you ship by Expedited Parcel™ within Canada or to the U.S.A.
    • Save 8% when you ship by Xpresspost™ and Regular Parcel™ within Canada.
    • Save 9% when you ship by Xpresspost – U.S.A. and Xpresspost – International.

*Savings may vary by service, weight, dimension and destination.

How to print your shipping labels

After you have sold your item on eBay, you can print shipping labels from:

  • eBay (My eBay – Items I've Sold section, or Closed Item page)
  • PayPal (My Account Overview – Account Activity).

Just follow the eBay or PayPal instructions to print your shipping labels on any printer.