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Special Occasions Guide

Announce. Invite. Celebrate. Congratulate.

Gifts for special occasions

Looking for unique gift ideas? We’ve got special coin sets designed for wedding and baby presents. Find them, plus other gifts and collectibles ideal for birthdays, graduations and other special occasions in our Collector’s Shop.

Postage primer

Sending birthday cards, invitations, baby announcements or other special occasion cards? These factors will affect postage costs:

  • Size – Use rectangular (rather than square) cards and letters—they’ll be cheaper to send.
  • Thickness – Embellishments like bows or ribbons will increase thickness—and possibly postage.
  • Weight – Cards made with thick stock, or containing inserts, may be heavier than the standard 30 g, requiring additional postage.

Get size, weight and pricing information.

Personalized stamps and postcards for every occasion

Create and send personalized stamps and postcards using your own photos – from your computer or via our mobile apps.

  • invitations: weddings, birthdays, showers, anniversaries.
  • thank you cards
  • baby announcements

Go to Picture Postage now.

How to pack it and wrap it

Get it there fast

Sending a present? We’ve got a range of services to get it there on time. Read about our parcel services. Or get an exact quote and compare your options with Find a Rate.