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Parcel Preparation Guide

How to pack it, wrap it and send it.


Parcel Prep Guide
  • How to pack and wrap your parcels.

  • Find and compare shipping costs.

  • Buy shipping and mailing supplies online.

Can you mail it?

Make sure it’s acceptable for mailing. Read about non-mailable matter.

Sending outside of Canada? Look up international import restrictions and prohibitions by destination.

How to pack it

Select the right size box or envelope. Your outer packaging needs to be big enough to hold your item plus what it’s wrapped in and any packing materials. If your item is heavy, use a double-walled box.

Keep fragile items in the centre. Surround fragile items with packing material on all sides. Ensure fragile items don’t come in contact with each other.

Ensure there is no movement of items in the box. Use newspaper, bubble wrap or foam peanuts to prevent movement. For more detailed packing tips, read the ABCs of Mailing.

How to wrap it

Wrap your parcel in plain paper. Firmly seal all seams with quality packing tape. Do not use string, ordinary household tape or masking tape. Shop online for all your shipping supplies.

How to address it

Include the complete delivery address and return address. Put the delivery address on the largest side of your parcel. For formatting rules and examples, consult our Addressing Guide.

How much it will cost

Find out your shipping options and compare pricing by entering the measurements for your parcel in Find a Rate.

Where to deposit it

Bring it to any Post Office, or if you’ve used prepaid shipping supplies, drop it in any street letter box. Find a Post Office.