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Tracking guide

Confirm the delivery of your item online with Track.


  • What kind of tracking information to expect.

  • What you can and can’t track.

  • Tips on getting your item through customs.

What is Track?

Track is an online tool that lets you check on the progress of an item and confirm its delivery.

  • Track up to 25 items at a time by entering one item per line.
  • View your recently tracked items with one click.
  • Get delivery updates by email.

What you can track

You can track anything with a bar code—parcels, envelopes sent by Xpresspost™ or Priority™ to name just a few. You cannot track Lettermail™, Letter-post, Small Packet™ or Light Packet™ items.

What Track can tell you

Using Track, find out:

  • When your order was created (if you used an online shipping tool).
  • When we received your item at a Post Office.
  • When your item was delivered, or when the recipient was notified where to pick up the item.

Additionally, for items to the U.S.A or internationally, Track tells you when they left Canada and when they reached the destination postal system.

Why tracking information isn’t always available

Our tracking system is updated daily, but there may be a delay between when we scan your item and when you receive the tracking information. This is especially common in rural locations or when information is provided by foreign Post Offices.

Please rest assured that your package is on its way to its destination even if tracking information is limited.

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