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Collect on Delivery (COD)

Conveniently ship a parcel and receive payment when it is delivered.

What is Collect on Delivery (COD)?

Collect on Delivery (COD) is a simple and convenient way for you to ship an item that someone has ordered or requested and to receive payment for it. Simply select COD as a delivery option when you ship your package at your local post office. When the recipient gets the parcel, Canada Post will collect the payment and forward it to you automatically by cheque.

Recipients get their deliveries quickly, without having to wait at home with exact change. They receive a notice card in the mailbox that lets them pick the item up at a post office.

How to send a parcel COD

  1. Fill out the COD form online. If you prefer, you can provide this information at the post office.
  2. Specify the COD amount (up to $1,000). This can cover charges directly related to the item you are shipping, such as:
    • the value of the item
    • service charges (such as for repairs)
    • sales tax
    • postage and COD fees
    • other special service fees
  3. Visit your local post office and select from Priority™, Xpresspost™ or Regular Parcel™ shipping services.
  4. Receive a cheque from Canada Post automatically once we collect the COD payment.


The COD fee is $7.25 in addition to the cost of shipping your item. Learn more about parcel shipping services or find a rate.

Business customer? Find out about COD options for businesses.

Receiving a parcel COD

When you receive an item COD you will get a delivery notice card in your mailbox. Take the card to the post office location indicated to receive your parcel and pay for it by

  • cash
  • debit
  • credit card (certain conditions apply)
  • bank draft or certified cheque (for COD amounts over $1,000 and up to $5,000)