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Post Office Retail Products and Services
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Government Services for Citizens

And at some locations, receiving agents.

Designated Post Offices accept and verify loan and grant applications.

Get Canada Revenue Agency forms and guides.

For hunting migratory birds.

Financial Services

Visa Gift Cards, choose any amount from $25 to $250.

Visa Reloadable Cards, you control the spending by buying, loading and using the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Pay bills and send money fast.

Change the PIN of your chip credit card.

Mailing and Collecting

Envelopes, bubble mailers, boxes and more.

For postage or for souvenirs.

Collectibles from the mint.

Rental rates and payments.

Prepaid mobile and long-distance minutes

  • Top up the minutes on your prepaid phone.
  • Top up mobile phones for friends and family around the world.

Get low-cost minutes for your mobile or land line.

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