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Whether you need next A.M. delivery or an economical ground service, Canada Post has full range of options for shipping within Canada, to the USA and around the world.

Parcel services for every circumstance

In addition to your parcel's final destination, there are two basic factors to consider when deciding which parcel service to choose:

  • Determine the time sensitivity of your parcel-does it need to get there in a rush, or is time not an issue?
  • Consider how valuable the contents of the package are. Do you require additional coverage, or do you need to track the package to ensure it reaches its destination?

Based on your preferences & destination, Canada Post has a service that will meet your needs. Use our Find a Rate tool to determine which service is best for you.
Or, learn more about our parcel services for shipping:

Shipping made easy with Ship-in-a-click™

For your convenience, you can purchase Canada Post shipping services online with Ship-in-a-click. To use this easy and secure service:

  • Enter your address and the recipient's address
  • Enter your package weight and dimensions
  • Select a service
  • Print a shipping label
  • Pay online with a credit card

Ship online now!