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How do I stop delivery of Admail items to my home or business?


To stop receiving unaddressed advertisements such as free samples, coupons, flyers and newspapers, free magazines, catalogues, non-profit and event information, as well as municipal service notices (e.g. schedule of snow removal, changes in garbage pickup, etc.), simply place a note in or on your mailbox* stating that you do not wish to receive Unaddressed AdmailTM.

The only unaddressed materials that we will continue to deliver are some community newspapers, as well as mailings from the House of Commons, provincial chief electoral officers, municipal electoral offices and Elections Canada.

We are required by law to deliver any mail that bears your address (including some advertising material). Please also note that since Canada Post is only one of many distributors of unaddressed materials, you may continue to receive these materials from other distributors.

Have you tried...

  • To stop delivery of AdmailTM place a note on your mailbox (if you get door-to-door delivery).
  • If you have a community mailbox, group mailbox or a postal box, place the note on the inside lip of the box. The note should not be placed on the inside or the outside of the door.