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I sent an item within Canada that arrived damaged. What can I do?

You have sent an item within Canada through one of our trackable, insured services and the item was delivered damaged.


We are committed to the safe handling of mail, but sometimes damage can occur during processing. You can file a claim to recoup the postage and insured value if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You sent the item through one of our trackable (bar-coded) services with insurance.
  • You are the sender. If you are the receiver, please contact the sender to initiate the claim.
  • You mailed your item within the last 90 days.

What senders need to file a claim

Please keep in mind that certain contents do not qualify for damage refunds due to their fragile or perishable nature.

If you are the receiver, please contact the sender to initiate the claim. Keep the item and its packaging in case they're required for the claim assessment. 

Was your damaged item sent to a destination outside Canada?

What you can do

Contact us online

If you are the sender, file a claim online now.

You will need:

Ticket Details

Type: An item I shipped arrived damaged (domestic)