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When I track my parcel online, why aren’t there any updates about its progress in transit?

  • You have tracked your letter or parcel on our website for several days and the status only indicates that your item has been submitted. You are concerned it has not moved yet.


We track the delivery status of letters and parcels by scanning their bar codes. Typically, we scan an item when you first mail it and again when it goes out for delivery. We assure you, however, that your items are constantly moving through our delivery network. When your letter or parcel reaches its destination, a final scan will provide you with delivery confirmation.

Have you tried...

  • To get an estimate of when you can expect your item to be delivered, enter the details into Find a Rate. Please note that the day of mailing does not count as one of the delivery days.
  • Find the expected delivery date and delivery standard date of your item by entering the tracking number into Track.
  • Get notified when your item has been delivered by signing up for delivery updates by email.