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What can I do if an item I sent to a Canadian, U.S., or international address was delivered late?

You sent an item within Canada by Priority™, Xpresspost™ or Expedited Parcel™ services and the item was delivered after the guaranteed delivery date.


You may be eligible for a refund of postage paid if all of these conditions are met:

  • You are the sender and you sent the item using a service with an on-time delivery guarantee such as Priority, Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel.
  • Your item arrived after the delivery standard date or updated delivery date. Track your item now to ensure the date has passed.

    What does a tracking number look like?

  • You submit your claim within 30 business days of the delivery standard date.

Please note:

  • Senders need a copy of the mailing receipt to file a claim.
  • We cannot reimburse you or the receiver for any consequential costs incurred.
  • If you are the receiver, contact the sender to initiate the claim.

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I meet all the conditions. What can I do now?

If you are the sender and your item has been delivered after the guaranteed or updated delivery date, request a postage refund online now by filling out the form below.

You will need:

Ticket Details

Type: An item I shipped arrived late (domestic, U.S. or international)

Delivery Information

Has the item been delivered? *

Check the status of your item using Track.