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How do I find out who signed for a parcel or letter I sent?

  • Your parcel or letter has been delivered and you want to know who signed for it.
  • Your parcel or letter has been delivered and you require proof of the actual signature of the person who received it.
  • Your parcel or letter has been delivered and signed for but the signature is not available online and you need it.


Use Track to view or print an image of the signature we obtained when we delivered your parcel or letter. It is available for 45 days after delivery.

If your item has been delivered and a signature obtained, but the image is not available online, there are 2 possible reasons:

  • The signature was captured more than 45 days ago.
  • The addressee requested that the signature not be stored online.

In either case, to obtain the signature, call customer service. If the signature was captured more than 45 days ago, there is a charge of $7.25 for the copy of the signature. If the signature is not displayed at the request of the addressee there is no charge for the signature to be sent to you.

Have you tried...

  • Enter your tracking number into Track. View the signature by selecting the name in the signatory name column of the Track History table.
  • If you need a copy of the signature, simply save an electronic copy of the .jpg image to your computer.
  • If you need a hard copy of the signature, call us. (Please note that there is no legal difference between a hard copy and the online signature image.)