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About Find a Post Office

Find a Post Office is an online tool that helps you find a Canada Post Office or Postal Outlet near you. You can search by Postal Code or by Address. The tool will provide a list of nearby Post Offices and you can also view detailed information including a map, hours and services offered. Canada Post has over 6,000 Post Offices across the country providing Mailing and Shipping services to Canadian businesses.

Near Location

Canada Post has over 6,000 Post Offices across the country.
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Postal Code, Address, Intersection

Example: A8A 8A8; 123 Main Street, Anywhere, Ontario; First Avenue and Main Street, Anywhere, Ontario

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Q: What can I do if my Community Mail Box key isn’t working?
A: If neither of your keys work, request a replacement lock and keys online

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Postal Rates View all rates

In Canada Canada
0-30g Permanent (P) stamps $0.85 in booklets and coils | 30-50g $1.20 | 50-100g $1.80

All Permanent stamps have a value of $0.85.
For a $0.63 stamp, add a $0.22 stamp to make-up the postage.

To the U.S.A. USA
0-30g Stamp(s) $1.20 | 30-50g $1.80 |
50-100g $2.95

Internationally International
0-30g Stamp(s) $2.50 | 30-50g $3.60 |
50-100g $5.90

Note: Discounts available when using postage meter or postal indicia.

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Q: Can you hold my mail while I'm on vacation?

A: Yes. Purchase hold mail service and we'll halt mail delivery while you're away. Sign up for hold mail now or read more.

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