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Five-point Action Plan unveiled

2013/12/11Canada Post has released an integrated Five-point Action Plan that will form the foundation of a new postal system designed to meet the needs of busy Canadians. The implementation of this plan means Canada [...]

Third-quarter results available

2013/11/21Canada Post has released its 2013 third-quarter results, in which the Canada Post segment reported a $129-million loss before tax. Transaction mail volumes declined by 7.3 per cent in the third quarter. [...]


PSAC Negotiations Hub Recent Updates

Reminder: Final offer makes no change to pension and job security for all current employees


Canada Post wants to ensure that employees are aware that its final offer preserves the provisions related to pensions and job security for all current [...]

PSAC/UPCE to vote on Canada Post’s final offer by April 27


Canada Post has received a written commitment from the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Postal Communications Employees (PSAC/UPCE) to put the [...]

Canada Post disappointed by PSAC/UPCE’s lack of availability for conciliation


Since Canada Post filed for conciliation on February 4, 2014, the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Postal Communications Employees (PSAC/UPCE) [...]


APOC Negotiations Hub Recent Updates

Canada Post and APOC begin negotiations


Canada Post and the Association of Postal Officials of Canada met on March 24, 25 and 27, 2014 to begin the process of negotiating a new collective agreement. [...]