5 ways to build a successful direct mail campaign from INCITE by Canada Post
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Looking for inspiration for your next marketing campaign? INCITE is a quarterly publication showcasing innovative direct mail campaigns that have delivered real results. The following 5 success stories show you how marketers are using direct mail to capture attention, create personal connections and enhance digital and mass campaigns. We hope they’ll spark new ideas that you can apply in your own marketing campaigns.

1. Include product samples
Read about a tea company that built engagement with their product and enhanced their brand awareness by sending out tea samples in a very creative format.

Tea Calendar 600px

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2. Integrate traditional and digital technology
This campaign successfully engaged a difficult-to-reach audience by mailing out an old-school paper “record” with a modern QR code.

Back to vinyl 600px

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3. Personalize your piece
A children’s hospital acquired new donors and built loyalty with existing ones by asking their patients to personalize mail pieces before they were sent.

Childish Letter 600px

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4. Choose the right media mix
This company increased customer loyalty and strengthened their brand with a social marketing campaign combining direct mail, TV and print advertising with an online call to action.

Red cross stories 600px

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5. Use a stamp
The charity in this success story used custom-made stamps to get the word out about an important cause, showing that successful tactics can be simple and inexpensive.

Missing kids stamps  600px

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Get inspired, then get results
See how marketers are getting real results from direct mail. Download the latest issue of INCITE below.  Then contact us to learn how we can help turn your ideas into action.


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