Set up your new online store with a Canada Post partner and get $100 towards shipping
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 April 14 2014  , , ,      13 Comments

Enjoy $100 towards shipping* by connecting your online store to a participating Canada Post Connected e-commerce software provider for the first time between March 31 and Sept. 30, 2014.

Whether you are planning your first e-commerce store or are already selling to online shoppers, our e-commerce solution partners provide the tools you need to build the online store that will help you grow your business. You’ll get back-end functions that easily integrate sales, payment options, shipping, customer data and more.

Choose a Canada Post e-commerce platform or shipping software now

E-commerce platforms:

 SS102A_3dcart-logoGet-Started-en  SS102A_Magento-logoGet-Started-en
 SS102A_Shopsite-logoGet-Started-en  SS102A_Woocommerce-LogoGet-Started-en
 SS102A_Shopify-logoGet-Started-en  SS102A_xcart logoGet-Started-en

Shipping software:

 SS102A_OrderCup-LogoGet-Started-en  SS102A_ShipStation-Logo

More solutions joining soon; check this page for an updated list.

Benefits of connecting your online store to Canada Post can include:

  • No more guessing: give your customers precise delivery dates.
  • More delivery options for your customers than any other shipper.
  • Easy tracking and notifications.
  • Automatic shipping and return labels generated in your online store.
  • Direct delivery to every mailing address in Canada

Plus, by joining our free VentureOne program for small businesses, you’ll enjoy discounts on shipping and direct mail marketing. Shipping more than 749 parcels a year? Sign up for savings and special offers at 1-866-282-7173. Read the fine print for the exact details of this promotion – definitions of terms, limitations and important instructions may apply.

*Businesses without a parcel agreement must spend $100 in parcel shipping with Canada Post by Dec. 31, 2014 to qualify.

  1. Glad to see OrderCup and ShipStation as your launch partners, both terrific competitors and industry leaders. Would have been nice to see ShipWorks in there as well.


    • Thanks for your comment. We would love to have ShipWorks as a partner and I am sure their customers would as well. We hope to continue our integration discussions with them soon. – Aurelien Leftick, eCommerce Partnership Development Manager

  2. Is this promotion also available to payment processors? We are a Canadian ISO specializing in e-commerce payments, and often speak to our clients about how to configure their shopping cart for shipping. We would like to know if we could become a partner to promote Canada Post’s real time shipping tools and solutions for SME businesses.

    • Thank you for reaching out. Currently the program is limited to e-commerce platforms and shipping solutions serving small and medium businesses. That said, I will reach out to you directly to discuss further. – Aurelien Leftick, eCommerce Partnership Development Manager

  3. I have been fighting with this and canada post for some time now! glad to see some improvement! Major question i have is that this page clearly states ” Easy tracking and notifications. & Automatic shipping and return labels generated in your online store.”

    The woocommerce plugin makes no claim of this, and contacting them was hopeless! anyone know if it does indeed print labels etc?

    • Thanks for your question Chris. Indeed, currently WooCommerce has only made the live shipping rate functionality available. I can certainly understand how your business could benefit from all those other functionalities.

      We provided many integration points to software developers and they choose which they will enable based on their users and product. We will continue to work/encourage them to add more of these functionalities.

      If you are looking to print labels, may I suggest you try ShipStation. ShipStation is a shipping software that will automate the printing of your Canada Post labels for all your WooCommerce orders. You can learn more here:

      Aurelien Leftick, eCommerce Partnership Development Manager

  4. I have 3D Cart and signed up for the VentureOne program directly through the software. How do I print labels and why was I asked for my credit card? Sorry, no one seems to be able to explain the process to me

    • Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for your question.

      Label printing occurs once you have completed the sign up process with Canada Post.

      How to connect your 3dcart store to your Canada Post account:
      1. Login to your 3dcart Online Store Manager and go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Settings.
      2. In the list of carriers, find Canada Post. Click on “Enter Credentials” and then “Register with CA Post”. Follow the prompts to sign in to your existing Canada Post account or sign up if you are new to Canada Post. For more details, see 3dcart support

      The credit card is required as this is the only method of payment available for VentureOne accounts. This is a one-time set up.

      Hopefully this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  5. I am considering going with Moneris for e commerce because we already use their software at point of sale in our store. Can we also use Canada Post at checkout on our website? How much does this cost us? Is there a contract involved?

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thank you for your comment. Moneris is integrated with Canada Post and will make Canada Post rates available at checkout. For more details, you can contact Moneris. I will also have one my colleagues contact you direclty to help with your shipping setup.

      - Aurelien Leftick, eCommerce Partnership Development Manager

  6. Which of these e-Commerce Platforms works with a MAC computer (up-to-date computer – Maverick – with up-to-date Firefox browser)? Thanks.

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