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Superman™ Stamp Booklet

Product # 413905111 - $8.50
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  • For once, you don’t have to be rich to own a piece of iconic art - you just have to be a fan!
  • Stamps take you through 75 years of Superman’s heroic adventures.
  • 1 of 5 unique booklet covers will be assigned to you randomly (don’t you love surprises?!).


This 10-stamp booklet includes 5 designs (2 of each) that showcase the evolution of Superman’s image, from his origins to present day. The illustrations come from:
  • 1939: Superman #1, cover drawn by Joe Shuster
  • 1945: Superman #32, cover drawn by Wayne Boring
  • 1971: Superman #233, cover drawn by Neal Adams
  • 2004: Superman #204, interior image drawn by Jim Lee
  • 2012: Superman Annual #1, cover drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

The 5 booklet covers are plucked straight from the comic book covers you love!

  • 1939: Superman #1, drawn by Joe Shuster
  • 1939: Action Comics #13, drawn by Joe Shuster
  • 1986: Man of Steel #1 Special Collector’s Edition, drawn by John Byrne
  • 2004: Superman #204, drawn by Jim Lee
  • 2012: Superman Annual #1, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

For more information, see the September 2013 issue of Canada Post’s Details magazine.


  • Superman was co-created in 1938 by Canadian Joe Shuster and American Jerry Siegel.
  • He is loved not just for his superhuman speed and strength, but for his kindness, generosity and willingness to use his powers for good!
  • Join us as we say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Superman and pay tribute to the talented artists who have worked on his image over the years.


  • Booklet of 10 stamps (2 each, of the 5 designs).
  • Stamps are PERMANENT™, so they’re always worth the going domestic rate.

Product # 413905111 - $8.50
Canada Only

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