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Titanic– Booklet of 10 PERMANENT™ (Domestic) stamps

Product # 413838111 - $8.50
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  • Use these Titanic stamps to send letters and cards within Canada.
  • Booklet contains 10 PERMANENT™ self-adhesive stamps, which are always valued at the current domestic rate.
  • Issue date: April 5, 2012

About the stamps
This striking stamp pair marks the 100th anniversary of RMS Titanic's fateful voyage. The following elements make up the design:

Titanic's impressive bow and two front anchors (each said to have weighed over 10 tons) fill the centre of each pair. The pair separates into a right and left stamp for mailing.

The right side shows Southampton (England), where the Titanic started her maiden voyage on April 10, 1912. Most of the Titanic's crew hailed from in and around the city.

On the left is Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada), which became the centre of the rescue and recovery efforts after the tragic sinking on April 15, 1912. Halifax's cemeteries became the final resting place approximately 150 victims.

The house flag of the White Star Line (Titanic's owners) sits at the bottom of each stamp. This red flag—with its white five-pointed star and v-shaped tail—was flown from the top of the Titanic's main mast.

Titanic's Canadian connection
Long before James Cameron called for "action" on the set of the movie Titanic, and Céline Dion topped the charts with "My Heart Will Go On", Canadians were involved with the world's most famous ocean disaster.

In addition to the tireless recovery efforts of the people of Halifax and the 100-plus Canadians on board the ship, it was a team of employees working at the Canadian Marconi company's wireless station on Cape Race, Newfoundland, who heard the early distress call.

The 100th Anniversary
Through these stamps, and other items in our Titanic series, we hope to preserve the legacy of the ship, the passengers and crew, and the Canadians whose lives were touched when it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

Product # 413838111 - $8.50

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