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Red River Settlement - Full Pane

Product # 403825107 - $13.60
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  • Order Red River Settlement stamps and put a piece of history on cards and letters sent within Canada.
  • First created as an oil painting by artist Mark Heine, the stamp design shows the variety of people, including Métis, local trappers, First Peoples and new settlers, who helped establish this progressive colony.
  • This is the second time Canada Post has issued a stamp about the Red River Settlement. A commemorative stamp was also issued on May 3, 1962.

About the Stamp
Two hundred years ago, Lord Selkirk bought a vast allotment of land where the City of Winnipeg now stands. His dream was to establish a colony that would offer Scottish and Irish farmers their own land to work and encourage western expansion.

The first wave of settlers arrived expecting an empty and unpopulated wilderness, but found established communities of Aboriginals and traders. The stamp shows representations of the different peoples and ethnic groups that had a part to play in the establishment of the Red River colony.

A must-have for any collector or Canadian history enthusiast, this stamp is also perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of history to their mail.

Issue Date: May 3, 2012. See Details XX1 for more information about the design of this stamp.

Product # 403825107 - $13.60

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