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International Parcel (Excluding U.S.A.)

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Last updated: 2014-01-13


What Is International Parcel?

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Canada Post’s International Parcel service is available to consumers and VentureOne cardholders. This service is also available with an Agreement, contract customers must consult their Parcel Services Customer Guide for information.

International Parcel service is an economical means of shipping parcels by Air or Surface, from Canada to international destinations, excluding U.S.A.

International Parcel (Air) service is available only to destinations not served by Xpresspost – International™ service. To determine availability, see the International Shipping Chart.

Products and services are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions.


Prepaid products

Not applicable.


Unacceptable Items

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Any item is considered unacceptable if:

  • it is or contains any dangerous substance or article prohibited by law or defined as a dangerous good
    (see Non-mailable Matter for more information or refer to the Non-mailable Matter Regulations or the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act)
  • it does not meet the size and weight specifications for this service
  • it may soil, taint or damage mail or mail equipment, expose a person to danger or emit offensive odours
  • it contains food perishables or live animals that do not meet applicable shipping requirements
  • it is improperly prepared or insecurely packed or wrapped
  • any item that is in contravention of applicable Universal Postal Union prohibitions, and U.S.A.’s Department of Transportation or Customs Regulations. The United States prohibits or applies restrictions on the acceptance of certain articles for transmission by post. For more information on restrictions and prohibitions, see International Destination Listing.

The customer has the responsibility of ensuring that the contents of an item can be shipped under Canadian legislation, including but not limited to the Criminal Code, the Canada Post Corporation Act (including, in particular, the Non-Mailable Matter Regulations), the Tobacco Act, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) or the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Dangerous Goods Regulations and all applicable laws.

For more information visit the following links
Canada Post Corporation Act
Non-Mailable Matter Regulations
Tobacco Act
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
International Air Transport Association
International Civil Aviation Organization
General Terms and Conditions
Canada Postal Guide

Canada Post will not deliver offensive articles that contain sexually explicit material, any information relating to bookmakers, pool-setting, betting or wagering or unlawful schemes, or any item related to schemes to defraud the public.

Restrictions change from time to time, therefore the customer must ensure the contents meet all current applicable requirements. For more information on unacceptable items, visit Non-mailable Matter in the Canada Postal Guide.
Prohibitions or restrictions on the acceptance of certain articles for transmission by post may apply (refer to “International Destination Listing” in the section Postal Services Information of the Canada Post website).


Size and Weight

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Each International Parcel item must meet the size and weight specifications.

Table 1: International Parcel size and weight
All countries
210 mm
140 mm
1 mm
to destinations accepting oversize
Length: 1.5 m
Length + Girth*: 3 m
10-30 kg**
to destinations not accepting oversize
Length: 1 m
Length + Girth*: 2 m
Mailing Tube
210 mm x 45 mm x 45 mm
(A surcharge will be applied to mailing tubes that are cylindrical in shape)
Girth = (height x 2) + (width x 2)
See International Shipping Chart to find the maximum weight allowed in the destination country as well as which countries accept oversize.

If the dimensions and weight of any returned parcel cannot be determined, Canada Post reserves the right to charge based on a default weight of 1 kg for Domestic Parcel Services and 750 g for prepaid envelopes and labels.

An oversize charge applies if an item exceeds 1 m in any dimension (length, width or height).


Pricing Information

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To obtain information on pricing*:

Volumetric weight may apply. See section 3.4 Weigh and measure the item of ABCs of Mailing for more information.


Payment Options

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Proofs of payment

Table 2 lists the acceptable proofs of payment for International Parcel. Some restrictions or conditions may apply.

Table 2: International Parcel proofs of payment
Consumer/VentureOne Customer
  • meter impression
  • postage stamp


Methods of payment

Table 3 lists the acceptable methods of payment for International Parcel. Some conditions may apply.

Table 3: International Parcel methods of payment
Consumer/VentureOne Customer
  • cash
  • certified cheque
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • money order
  • traveller’s cheque


Delivery Standards at a Glance

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Delivery standards are estimates of how long it will take for the mail to be delivered. These delivery standards are not guaranteed.

Table 4: International Parcel delivery standards
Delivery Standard
International Air Parcel
6 to 10 business days
International Surface Parcel
4 to 6 weeks



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A feature is something that is provided as part of the basic service. The available features are described below.


Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage of up to $100CDN is included in the fee. Certain exceptions apply. See General Terms and Conditions at for more information.


Delivery to a Post Office Box

Items will be delivered to a post office box in an international destination where this type of delivery is available.


Customs Clearance

Canada Post will provide a presentation of all items to the exchange office in the destination country. Issues related to duties and admissions will be the responsibility of the addressee (importer of record).



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An option is a service enhancement which is not included automatically as part of the basic service. Most options are available for an additional fee. The available options are described below.


Additional Liability Coverage

Additional Liability Coverage is available up to $1,000CDN for shipments, for a fee. All options must be selected at the time of shipping to ensure they are properly captured and linked to the unique tracking number. Certain exceptions apply. The covered value of the item must be declared on the shipping documentation. See General Terms and Conditions for more information.

Refer to “International Destination Listing” or “International Shipping Chart” in the Postal Services Information section of the Canada Post website to determine if coverage is available.


On-Demand Pickup

On-Demand Pickup services are available to VentureOne cardholders (paying by credit card).

There is no minimum volume requirement when arranging a Canada Post On-Demand Pickup. A pickup fee per stop will apply. Pickups can be arranged up to five business days in advance or on the same business day, provided the request is made before the local call-in cut-off time.


Third-Party On-Demand Pickup

Third-Party On-Demand Pickup service is available to VentureOne cardholders (paying by credit card).

Third-Party On-Demand Pickup allows customers to authorize a Canada Post pickup at a third party location or alternate address. Customers can arrange for the additional pickup locations themselves or provide their seven-digit Canada Post customer number to their third-party, authorizing the third-party to arrange for On-Demand Pickup service.

To arrange an On-Demand Pickup or Third-Party On-Demand Pickup, customers may contact Customer Service at 1-888-550-6333. Visit for areas where Canada Post offers pickup services and for call-in cut-off times.


Return to Sender

Items that cannot be delivered will be returned to the sender for a fee, payable by the sender. Where the item bears postage stamp(s) or meter impression denoting the original amount of postage, the item will be returned for an amount equal to the original postage, less any option fee, using the postage due process. The return of an item is dependent upon the regulations for return of mail in the specific destination.

Items are returned to the sender when:

  • the item is refused or unclaimed by the addressee
  • the delivery address is incomplete or does not exist
  • the addressee is no longer at the address
  • an improper shipping label has been applied
  • the item’s dimensions or weight exceeds the maximum allowed
  • the item has been refused entry by the destination country.

The customer is responsible for the Return to Sender service fee regardless of the reason for the return. Returned items refused by the customer (shipper in Canada) are treated as undeliverable and disposed of or recycled pursuant to Canada Post’s policy on undeliverable items at the customer’s expense (i.e., disposal, shipping and all other applicable charges).


Labels and Documentation Required

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Every International Parcel item must have all of the following information:

  • a barcoded International Parcel Air/Surface CP72 Customs label or a customs label produced by the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or by a third-party shipping system. Only Canada Post-approved barcoded shipping labels are acceptable for shipment. Shipping labels can be ordered by visiting or by calling Customer Service at 1-888-550-6333.
  • the names and addresses should include telephone numbers of the sender and the addressee clearly printed on a label affixed to the item
  • acceptable proof of payment (postage stamps, postal indicia, or meter impression)
  • the Customs Declaration portion accurately completed on the International Parcel shipping label (see Customs Requirements for more information)
  • any document (invoice, licence, certificate, permit, etc.) required by the International Customs regulations.

All items must have the weight listed on the Customs Declaration portion of the shipping label.

International Air parcels must have an air mail sticker and must be endorsed “AIR MAIL” on at least two sides.



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All items must be securely packaged with sufficient cushioning and reinforcing material to prevent loss of or damage to the items, damage to postal equipment or other mail and injury to persons handling the items. Items must not consist of dangerous or prohibited articles.

Oversize items can be shipped, where permitted by the destination, for a fee.

For specific packaging requirements, see ABCs of Mailing of the Canada Postal Guide.



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The address information on the shipping label must be complete as specified in the “Addressing Guidelines” of the Canada Postal Guide.

To facilitate the handling of an item during transmission by post, it is highly recommended to include the addressee’s telephone number on the item.

Customers are responsible for signing all documentation where applicable. Employees are prohibited from signing the shipping label or the Invoice Declaration/ Commercial Invoice on the sender’s behalf.



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Canada Post provides the following options for the deposit of items:

  • Post Office: during advertised hours of acceptance
  • Street Letter Box: items processed with the online version of Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools or Ship-in-a-click may be deposited into a street letter box if size permits and the item does not need to be accompanied by a Manifest

Items deposited after the last collection time specified on the street letter box are considered as being deposited on the next business day.



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Canada Post transports International Parcel items to transfer points for delivery by the postal administration of the destination country.

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