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International Destination Listing — A

Last updated: 2015-01-12

Limit of Responsibility: Canada Post cannot assume responsibility when mail is returned or seized outside of Canada because these articles are prohibited at the destination, or special mailing/import requirements were not met.

Prohibited items: When an item is prohibited from importation, it means the item is not allowed to enter the international destination. If the item does enter the destination, it will most likely be seized and destroyed by customs. Only in some instances do customs return prohibited items to sender.

Restricted items: When an item is restricted, it means that special provisions must be met before the item will be released from customs and allowed to enter the destination. These special provisions may include but are not limited to a certificate, a licence, a form, or a certification of disinfection.

Please note: If an item is seized by US Customs, a letter is sent by US customs, to the recipient.

International Mail Service Suspension: To find destinations for which full postal service is currently unavailable, consult the International Mail Service Suspension.

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