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Philatelic Products

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Last updated: 2014-01-13


What Are Philatelic Products?

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Canada Post offers a wide selection of postage stamps, stationery, supplies and philatelic products such as Collection Canada (albums), Official First Day Cover Collection, Quarterly Collector’s Packs and Coin and Stamp sets.


How to Access Philatelic Products?

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Philatelic products are available at post offices and through authorized stamp sales agents across Canada. Customers may visit the Stamps & Gifts Online store at for more information.

Philatelic products are also available through the National Philatelic Centre mail order service.


1-800-565-4362 (from Canada and the United States)
1-902-863-6550 (from other countries)


Pricing Information

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To obtain information on pricing:


Payment Options

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Table 1 lists the acceptable methods of payment for Philatelic Products. Some restrictions or conditions may apply.

Table 1: Philatelic Products payment options
  • cash
  • certified cheque
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • International Reply Coupon*
  • money order
  • traveller’s cheque
International Reply Coupon is applicable to the purchase of postage for International Air Letter-post only.


Postage Supplies

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Postage stamps are available in various denominations and can be purchased in the following formats:

  • booklets
  • coils
  • panes.

The PERMANENT™ stamp, identified with the letter “P” in place of a value, is always accepted at the current domestic basic letter price regardless of stamp price increases. They are available in coils of 50 and 100 stamps; pane and booklet formats.

Prepaid envelopes are available in two sizes:

  • No. 8
  • No. 10

Visit Canada Post Prices at to obtain pricing on postage supplies.


Stamp Program

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The Stamp Advisory Committee is made up of members from across Canada whose purpose is to consider subjects for the Stamp Program. The Stamp Advisory Committee looks for subjects that:

  • are primarily related to Canada, of national significance and appeal to broad segments of the Canadian population
  • evoke Canadian history, traditions, accomplishments, or natural heritage
  • illustrate the social, cultural, political, economic or business life of Canada, or
  • commemorate the birth, work, or an event in the life of an outstanding Canadian.

For further information on our newest commemorative/definitive stamps, or view the interactive digital publications such as Details and Collections at

The Stamp Program is subject to change without notice.


Official First Day Covers

Customers wishing to have their own first day cover cancelled are to forward the self-addressed cover to the National Philatelic Centre in Antigonish. The cover is to be mailed early enough to arrive at the destination for the first day of sale of the new stamp. A charge per cover is levied for stamp affixing, cancellation and return through the regular mail service.

Cancellation of first day covers is available free of charge to customers who take their cover to a philatelic counter.

On request, philatelists may obtain a clear cancellation of philatelic covers by taking them to a post office and handing them in with a second envelope bearing a complete and valid postal address and sufficient postage to enable such mail items to be forwarded to the addressee through regular mail delivery channels.

Such requests received by a postmaster for cancellation and reposting will be complied with only if the volume of the covers does not disrupt regular postal services.


Pictorial Cancel Program

Pictorial cancels are available from the respective post offices across Canada. To obtain any of the available cancels, send an envelope and/or cover stamped with proper postage inside another stamped envelope addressed to the postmaster of the desired post office.

A self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage must also be enclosed to allow for the cancelled envelopes to be returned by mail. Postmasters reserve the right to limit quantities.

Visit to view all current cancels and respective mailing addresses.

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