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Direct Marketing

Reach more Canadians, in more ways.

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Direct Mail

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Connect with customers and grow your business

Direct mail is a proven way to find new customers and to do more business with current customers.

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Online & Mobile

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Advertise to millions of online Canadians

Reach customers through Canada Post’s website, mobile app, or email communications.

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Audiences & Insights

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Accurate information saves you money

Expert targeting and accurate information give you value for your marketing dollars.

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Create effective marketing

In the time it takes to finish your coffee

Snap Admail is a fast and easy online marketing tool for small business. It gives you a variety of design templates to choose from, precise ways to target your audience and 24/7 expert consultation. Plus printing and mailing of your message is looked after for you. Let Snap Admail take the complexity out of marketing your business.

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NEW Direct Mail Templates!

Ready to put Direct Mail to work for your business? Canada Post makes it easy with these new customizable and print-ready templates. All you need to do is:

  1. Select a template from our Direct Mail template gallery.
  2. Download your chosen template.
  3. Visit your nearest Canada Post Direct Mail Partner and request to have your template-inspired campaign designed, printed and delivered.

These creative templates fit Canada Post’s Standard Unaddressed Admail and machineable Addressed Admail product specifications and provide layout and design inspiration. Terms of use.

What Canada Post Direct Marketing solutions can do for you

Biggest audience

With over 15 million addresses and detailed consumer information, no one beats Canada Post. Our data is complete, fresh and accurate.

Reliable targeting and insights

Our experts can help you better understand your customer and market, target a precise audience for your campaign and analyze responses to further improve future campaigns.

Variety of channels

We provide effective, proven direct mail solutions. We also offer marketing opportunities through our website, mobile application and other channels, so you can get your message out the way you want.

Direct Mail Means Business. Because if it looks interesting, 89% of Canadians will open it. The mailbox is the most effective advertising channel at driving in store purchases. 61% of Canadians indicate they have made a purchase in store and 39% online as a result of receiving an advertising ad in their mailbox.


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"The response rate from customers who received a flyer and an email was more than six times higher than that from customers who received an email only."

Dwayne McMulkin, Marketing Manager,

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Success Stories

Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation

A hospital foundation gains record number of new donors with an Addressed Admail campaign.

“Including a quality premium has steadily increased our response rates, total dollars raised and average gift amount per donor over the past few years.”

Melissa Beauchamp Manager, Annual Giving and Donor Services, Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation

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BMW increases sales

“The results of this campaign have convinced us to add the Acquisition Admail service to our marketing strategy.”

Marc Belcourt, Brand Communications Manager, BMW Group Canada

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Subject to your compliance with these terms and conditions, Canada Post grants to you a royalty free, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to use the Direct Mail Template to create a custom piece for you or your company to take advantage of in a direct mail campaign (“Direct Mail Piece”). You can make or have made any number of copies of the Direct Mail Piece as long as the Direct Mail Piece is distributed for free.

Direct Mail Templates contain graphics, images, document layouts, fonts and artwork, and other information that are the copyrighted property of Canada Post. The photographs in the Direct Mail Templates are for illustrative purposes only and are the copyrighted property of their respective owners. You do not acquire any right to use these photographs by virtue of accessing and using this site or downloading a Direct Mail Template; you must secure rights to such photographs yourself.

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Canada Post is not responsible for printing your Direct Mail Piece. Variations in colour, image quality and position may occur in the Direct Mail Piece when printed by you or a printing company.

Using a Direct Mail Template indicates neither that Canada Post approves of the Direct Mail Piece nor that the Direct Mail Piece complies with applicable requirements set out in the Canada Postal Guide and the Canada Post Corporation Act. Canada Post retains the right to refuse any Direct Mail Piece that Canada Post in its sole discretion, deems unacceptable.

Make sure you have the legal right to use and make copies of the photograph you will incorporate into the Direct Mail Template. This includes any corporate logo, trademark or other commercial symbol. You will be solely responsible for trademark and/or copyright infringement and agree to indemnify Canada Post for all expenses Canada Post incurs as a result of your infringement of any trademark rights and/or copyright.

If the photograph has someone other than yourself in it, you must receive written permission from all such persons before incorporating into the Direct Mail Template. You will be solely responsible for obtaining these permissions and agree to indemnify Canada Post Corporation for all expenses Canada Post incurs as a result of your failure to do so.

The license granted to you above is terminated upon any breach of these terms and conditions by you becoming known to Canada Post. If your license is terminated, you must stop distributing the Direct Mail Piece, and making or having copies made.


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