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Connect with Canadian movers

Attract movers who are looking to switch to your products and services -- before and after they move.

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Why Movers Matter

Reach high value customers

Movers often look to switch brands and services when they move, and are known to spend thousands of dollars when they move.

The Right Connections

Use powerful multi-channel marketing solutions

Reach receptive customers through Canada Post’s direct mail, web, mobile app, or email channels.

Timing is Everything

Reach the right audience at the right time

Target movers in and around their move date – when the need is greatest. Only Canada Post gives you exclusive access.

What Canada Post smartmoves™ can do for you

Reach new customers

With almost 1 million movers, only Canada Post offers exclusive access to this key audience who is most likely to spend.

Reliable targeting and insights

Better understand the spending habits of movers before, during and after they change their address, to target your campaign for the best results.

Integrated marketing solutions

Let us provide the most effective marketing solutions through print magazines, direct mail, our website, mobile app, email and retail channels – and get your message out in the right way, at the right time.

Did you know

How it works

  • Step number 1 of 4

    Define your offer

    As part of your planning process, determine what your offer or message will be to introduce our brand or product to new movers. Our experts can help you identify the kinds of offers that are likely to get the best response.

  • Step number 2 of 4

    Reach new movers

    smartmoves is an exclusive program designed specifically to target Canadians who are changing their address with Canada Post. We can help you reach close to 1 million movers through a variety of channels including print, web, mobile and through our retail network of stores.

  • Step number 3 of 4

    Repeat your success

    Canada Post experts can analyze your campaign results to determine what worked and why. Use these insights to help make your next campaign even more successful.


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“The smartmoves service proved that acquiring new customers doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. We exceeded our targeted acquisition goal by more than 60%, which was well beyond our expectations.”

Steven Tallevi, General Manager, Grocery Gateway

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