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Online bill delivery through epost™

Offer your customers a digital delivery and storage solution that's convenient, flexible and secure. Best of all, it’s easy and affordable to get started and manage.

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What epost can do for you

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers increasingly expect to view their bills, invoices and statements online. epost is the only digital document service seamlessly integrated with Canada’s major financial institutions, so customers can make payments through their banking website or at www.epost.ca.

Operational savings

When your customers receive, view and pay their documents online, you reduce:

  • physical printing and delivery costs
  • call-centre expenses because customers’ ebills link to online support
  • costs associated with other payment methods such as credit cards or cheques

Enjoy simple, low-cost setup

It’s easy to get started, thanks to our team of experts who work with you every step of the way to ensure your unique business needs are met.

epost is good for business

Electronic billing and payment

Send bills and receive payments from customers securely online.

Online Statement Delivery

Distribute documents (statements, assessments, estimates) to your customers through their epost box in a secure, convenient manner.

Online Payroll Delivery

Allow employees to securely receive, manage, print and save their payroll documents online.

Online Tax Document Delivery

Canada Post can electronically deliver Government of Canada taxation forms (T3, T4, T5 forms etc.) to taxpayers.

View on Demand

Canada Post digitally archives your documents as they are dispatched. An electronic copy of any bill, statement or document can instantly be retrieved by customer service representatives.

epost Connect

Built on the epost platform, you can use this secure cloud collaboration and document delivery service to send and access your most important information. Collaborate using encrypted, legally protected two-way communication-with no limit on the size or type of files you send.

How it works

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    Connecting directly to your print software, or customer billing system, epost creates electronic, web-ready versions of your company’s bills, statements, payroll, tax and other important business communications for electronic billing or online delivery.

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    Documents are coded with navigation buttons; secure single sign-on links to e-care or eCRM functionality, and advertising inserts promoting up-selling/cross selling opportunities.

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    Your documents will be delivered securely and directly to your customer’s personal epost mailbox.

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