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Send mail (Lettermail and Incentive Lettermail)

What is Lettermail?

Lettermail™ service is an effective and personal way to reach your customers-whether it's your primary communications channel or part of an integrated communications strategy.

Want to be certain that your customers receive your message? Mail is a great way to send business correspondence, newsletters, invoices or statements.

Did you know that 95% of Canadians open and read their mail the same day they receive it?* It truly is part of the habits and rituals of Canadians both at home and at work.
Source: Consumer Attitudes to Direct Mail and Traditional Media, May 2010

Why mail works for your business

The facts speak for themselves! Mail is a great way to get your message opened and read:

  • 95% of Canadians are reading their mail as soon as they receive it or later on the same day1
  • 94% of Canadians are more likely to open an item that comes in the mail if they already do business with the company1
  • 91% of Canadians are more likely to open an item that comes in the mail if it looks official or important1 and/or
  • 87% of Canadians are more likely to open an item in the mail when it has their name and address on it1
  • 69% of Canadians prefer to receive their bills and invoices by mail compared to 29% by email and 2% by other means2
  • 64% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail compared to 32% by email and 4% by other means2

1 Source: Consumer Attitudes to Direct Mail and Traditional Media, May 2010
2 Source: CP Consumer Survey, November 2010.

A new unique way to get your mail noticed

Take advantage of the free Customized Postal Indicia feature from Canada Post to get your mail noticed, opened and read. For more information visit and for service requirements.

Why use Lettermail service?


With over 34 million Canadian addresses, we deliver your mail wherever it needs to go.


From coast to coast, there are more than 800,000 places where you can access the postal system-including thousands of mailboxes and more than 19,000 retail locations where you can purchase postal products.


Printed mail is a universal medium and increasingly relied upon to support interactive and integrated campaigns. The truth is, no matter how many new forms of media come along, one thing will never change-people love to receive mail.


People particularly love to receive mail addressed directly to them. Personalized invoices and messages sent by Lettermail service become like one on-one meetings with your customers-they can even reduce calls to your call centre or help sell additional products or services.

What can I send by Lettermail service?

Lettermail service is typically used to send:

  • Bills
  • Invoices
  • Notices
  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Cards
  • Postcards
  • Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly reports
  • Proxies
  • Surveys
  • Voter notifications
  • Receipts
  • Media discs (e.g. CDs and DVDs)
  • Product and service information

What's included

Use Lettermail service and automatically get these features:

Mail Forwarding

If your customers move, they'll still get your mail-we forward it if they have filed a Mail Forwarding request.

Return to Sender

When no Mail Forwarding request has been filed, we will return your item at no charge (provided it has a Canadian return address). If the return address is within your item rather than on the outside, we will return the item for a fee.

What's extra

Registered Mail

For a fee, add the option to send your Lettermail item by Registered Mail. You'll get proof of mailing and/or proof of delivery.

Do Not Forward

For sensitive information, get mail items returned to you rather than forwarded if the addressee has moved.
Read more about the Do Not Forward option.
Download the Do Not Forward endorsement.

View the Price Sheet

Size and weight formats explained

Your Lettermail items must meet our specifications. The price you pay is determined by the category and weight of your item.

Standard Lettermail **
Cards****, postcards****, envelopes and self-mailers MIN 140 mm 90 mm 0.18 mm 1.3 : 1 3 g
MAX 245 mm 156 mm 5 mm 2.6 : 1 50 g
Other Lettermail
Non-standard*** MIN 140 mm 90 mm 0.18 mm N/A 3 g
MAX 380 mm 270 mm 20 mm 500 g
Oversize MIN 140 mm 90 mm 0.18 mm N/A 5 g
MAX 380 mm 270 mm 20 mm 500 g

*Aspect ratio is the relationship between the length and the width. Standard Lettermail must not be square in shape. Items that do not meet this ratio (e.g. square items) are subject to Other Lettermail rates.

**Some items, like loose coins, pens, seeds, powders, cannot be mailed as Standard Lettermail, but they can be mailed as Non-standard or Oversize Lettermail. Read the list of items that cannot be sent as StandardLettermail.

***Non-standard Lettermail is mail that may meet the size requirements for Standard Lettermail but is not rectangular and/or contains items that cannot be mailed as Standard Lettermail (e.g. loose coins, seeds, powders).

****Cards and postcards should weigh enough to provide the stiffness needed to withstand processing without difficulty.
Any item that exceeds the maximum Lettermail size or weight may qualify for one of our Parcel services.

Delivery standards

We are committed to providing you with fast and affordable mail service that you can rely on. Our delivery standards are based on estimates of how long it takes for properly prepared Lettermailitems to be delivered from the point of deposit to the destination points. Although we make every effort to meet these high standards, they are not guaranteed.

Major Urban Centres 2 days 3 days 4 days
Non-major Urban Centres 2 days 3 days 4 days
Northern Regions and Remote Centres 2 days up to 6 days up to 8 days

  • Delivery standards are subject to change without notice.
  • The number of days excludes the day of mailing, weekends and statutory holidays.
  • Weekend and statutory holiday deposits are considered deposited on the following business day.

Read more about delivery standards.

Rates & prices

Lettermail pricing depends on the size and weight of the item. View current Lettermail pricing.

View the price sheet

Tips for success with Lettermail items

Get more value from the envelope

If you're already sending a letter or a bill, why not throw in a flyer, a newsletter or some other piece of sales information? If it weighs less than 30 grams, it won't cost extra.

Folding = Savings

If you're using an oversized envelope, consider folding the items you're mailing and fitting them into a standard # 10 envelope. This simple action can cut your postage costs by more than half.

Consider your envelope as ad space

Design your envelope with your customers in mind. Advertising messages, logos and attention-grabbing graphics all serve to make a striking first impression. If you use a postage meter, your message can also be incorporated into your meter impression.

Boost response with return envelopes

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you. Include a prepaid response vehicle, like a pre-addressed stamped envelope or Business Reply Mail card.

Get it right the first time

The fastest way for us to deliver your Lettermail items is to sort them with our high-speed machines. To help us do this, make sure your mail is properly addressed, and that you have the correct Postal Code.
Check our Addressing Guidelines to learn the most efficient way to address your mail.

Machines don't like staples

Not only are staples on the outside of an envelope potentially dangerous for people handling your mail, they can slow down delivery time.

Depositing your Lettermail items

If sufficient postage (stamp or meter impression) is affixed to your item, deposit it in a street letter box, at any Post Office, community mailbox, or processing plant.

If you are a commercial customer with Lettermail items that have a Postal Indicia, you cannot deposit your items in a street letter box. Bring them with your Statement of Mailing to a Post Office or processing plant.

For large mailings we may request that you provide a mailing plan and/or deposit schedule that includes details of the mailing such as volume, time/day of deposit, etc. This information will help efficient deposit and processing of your mailings.

Prepaid Shipping Envelopes

Prepaid products for Canada, U.S.A, and international shipments

Prepaid shipping envelopes

Prepaid envelopes are available for:

  • Priority™ and Xpresspost™ (within Canada)
  • Xpresspost-USA*
  • Xpresspost-International*
  • Xpresspost Certified for sensitive documents (within Canada)

Option 1: Use our envelopes and labels

Prepaid envelopes with pre-affixed label and bar code are recommended if you are a small or medium-sized business, or a larger organization with field staff. They cannot be used if you create shipping labels with Electronic Shipping Tools.**

  • Includes pre-affixed shipping label to be addressed manually.
  • Includes tracking bar code.
  • Includes receipt for your records.

Option 2: Use our envelopes and your labels

Prepaid envelopes without pre-affixed label and bar code are recommended if you are a larger shipper and/or use Electronic Shipping Tools to purchase shipping labels or use manual bar-coded shipping labels.

  • Create shipping labels electronically using Electronic Shipping Tools and take advantage of the address book feature.
  • Create shipping labels manually and distribute them to satellite offices and authorized users.

* Available only for shipping documents of no commercial value.
** You cannot use EST to create shipping labels for prepaid envelopes. You can use EST to process the billing and pickup of prepaid envelopes with pre-affixed labels and bar codes.

Prepaid labels for shipments within Canada

You can use prepaid labels if you are a commercial customer and have signed an agreement for prepaid products. They are valid when you use the following services to send items up to 5 kg to regional and national destinations:

  • Prioirty
  • Xpresspost
  • Expedited Parcel™ service within Canada

Read more about prepaid labels or contact your Canada Post representative.

Learn more about regions.

What's included

Choose prepaid shipping envelopes and labels and automatically get these features:

  • On-time delivery guarantee.*
  • Delivery confirmation and the ability to track your items online.
  • Coverage up to $100 for loss or damage (shipments within Canada only).
*Delivery standards are within business days for items sent between most major urban centres and are dependent upon origin and destination. All Canada Post services (including without limitation, delivery guarantees) are subject to terms and conditions.

What's extra?

Would you like a signature upon delivery? A signature option is available at no additional charge for Priority Simply check the option box on the envelope or label.

For Xpresspost services in Canada you can buy convenient signature option stickers to use with your prepaid shipping envelopes. Choose:

  • Sheets of 25 for large volume use.
  • 3-pack for occasional use.

For Priority, Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel prepaid shipping labels, you must request the signature option when you place an order for the labels.

Note: Stickers are not required if you use Electronic Shipping Tools to create labels for prepaid shipping envelopes.

Pickup service

Available to commercial customers with access to "account" as a method of payment.
Pickup occurs on business days at regularly scheduled times, or on demand when you need it.
The scheduled pickup fee is based on the volume you ship—it's free if you ship more than 120 items per week!

A standard fee for on-demand pickup applies. A minimum number of pieces may be required. Learn more about pickup.


Specifications for prepaid envelopes

Note: article numbers are for ordering purposes.

Standard Size:
260 x 159 mm
(10.2 x 6.3 in.) maximum weight:
500 g (1.1 lb.)
maximum thickness:
15 mm
Letter Size:
318 x 241mm
(12.5 x 9.4 in.)
maximum weight:
500 g (1.1 lb.)
maximum thickness:
15 mm * Domestic products only
Pack Size:
390 x 295 mm
(15.4 x 11.6 in.)
maximum weight:
1 kg (2.2 lb.)
maximum thickness:
30 mm
Cushion Envelope
Standard Size
260 x 194 mm
(10.2 x 7.6 in.)
maximum weight:
500 g (1.1 lb.)
Cushion Envelope
Pack size:

378 x 320 mm
(14.9 x 12.6 in.)
Maximum weight:
1.36 kg (2.9 lbs)
Regional Letter
101867 *
151867 **
101869 *
151869 **
National 101868 *
151868 **
101870 *
151870 **
Regional Standard
102200 *
152200 **
102206 *
152206 **
102202 *
152202 **
Cushion Envelope Standard
102208 *
Cushion Envelope Pack
102210 *
National 102203 *
152203 **
102207 *
152207 **
102205 *
152205 **
102209 * 102211 *
Xpresspost-USA Letter
maximum weight:
500 g (1.1 lb.)

Xpresspost-International Letter Size
380 x 240 mm
(14.9 x 9.4 in)
maximum weight:
500 g (1.1 lb.)


* Option 1: Prepaid envelope with pre-affixed label and bar code.
** Option 2: Prepaid envelope to be used with EST or manual bar-coded shipping label.

Note: U.S.A. and international prepaid envelopes are only for documents of no commercial value. Each country defines documents differently. Please consult the destination country entry in your postal guide for specifics.

Specifications for prepaid bar-coded labels

Prepaid bar-coded labels are available for Priority, Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel shipments within Canada.

Weight Range Maximum dimensions (L x W x H)
Up to 1.36 kg (2.9 lb.) Up to 3,220 cm3 (196.4 in.3)
Up to 5 kg (11 lb.) Up to 30,000 cm3 (1,830.3 in.3)

Learn more about prepaid labels.

Brand-It program

Strengthen your brand by advertising on your prepaid shipping envelopes

The Brand-It™ program allows you to add artwork, logos, words, and other graphics to Priority and Xpresspost prepaid envelopes for use within Canada or to the United States. You can boost your company's profile and capture the attention of customers before they even open the envelope.

You have 2 options for personalizing your prepaid envelopes:

  • Step number 1 of 4

    Overprint branding

    Add your branding to existing Priority and Xpresspost prepaid envelopes (not applicable to Xpresspost cushion envelopes).

    Minimum order: 500

  • Step number 2 of 4

    Standard customized branding

    This made to order service gives you access to a wider printing area for your artwork and information on Priority and Xpresspost prepaid envelopes.

    Minimum order: 10,000

Note: Your order can be a split run of national, regional, and U.S.A. envelopes of the same size (some conditions apply). You can also customize other non-standard prepaid products (some conditions apply). Contact a Canada Post representative for more details.

How to order

To take advantage of this unique service, all you need is creative, camera-ready artwork. We can help you complete the print request form and provide detailed specifications for the production of your envelopes. Manufacturing time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks for overprint branding, and 15 weeks for customized branding orders. Exceptions and conditions apply. Contact your Sales Representative or call 1-866-757-5480 for more information.

Rates & prices

Shipping rates for prepaid envelopes are based on destination and the type of service you choose. For prepaid labels, weight limits also apply.

To order prepaid envelopes or labels*:

Visit our online store.
Call Customer Service at 1-877-632-6347.
Contact your Canada Post representative.

You can also visit your /cpotools/apps/fpo/business/findPostOffice">local Post Office to purchase value packs of prepaid envelopes at a special price.


Get volume discounts if you regularly ship using prepaid envelopes or labels. Call 1-866-757-5480 for more information.

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Stamps in Large Coils

Designed for speed. Perfect for large mailings.

Use our Large Coils to apply stamps mechanically rather than manually. You'll speed up your mail processes, cut stamp application costs and free up your staff for core business activities.

With a Large Coil, you'll always have stamps on hand for your large mailings. And because they're PERMANENT stamps, they're always worth the going rate.

You must be a commercial customer to buy a Large Coil.

Make it personal. Get it opened.

It's a fact: Canadians are more likely to open an envelope with a stamp on it than other forms of postage.* That's because when you add a stamp you add a personal touch—and an eye-catching invitation to find out what's inside.

*Source: Association Between Postage Content study CP #06-32, 2006


Stamp coils are designed to be mechanically applied, and are compatible with existing equipment in the marketplace. The specifications are as follows:

Stamps Per Coil Stamp Spacing Coil Core Diameter Coil External Diameter
5,000 0.3175 cm (1/8”) 7.62 cm (3”) Maximum of 24.13 cm (9.5”)

Rates & prices

If your business has large mailings, a Large Coil of stamps is a fast and easy way to buy postage. There is no additional fee for the convenience of the coils.

The price is the current price of postage x 5,000 plus taxes. View current postage pricing.

Buy Large Coils of stamps online or call us toll-free at 1-877-632-6347.

Simple to use

Using a Large Coil is easy. The stamps are pressure-sensitive and work with machines designed to apply stamps to envelopes automatically.

Use our stamp coils for your domestic Lettermail™ items up to 30 grams.

Please note that Large Coils cannot be returned at any time and we reserve the right to limit quantities.

How can I order Large Coils of stamps?

PERMANENT Stamps in Large Coils are available online or by calling Canada Post toll-free at

Is there a shipping charge for Large Coils ordered from the Canada Post website?

No, the stamps will be shipped to you at no additional charge.

Are larger coils available?

Coils of stamps are only available in quantities of 5,000.

Are the Large Coils of stamps available to purchase in other denominations?

The product is only available for full rate Lettermail under 30 grams.

Is a volume discount available on large orders?

As with all stamp purchases, no volume discount is available.

Can I use the product on oversize and international mailings?

Yes, however, please note that the Large Coils are only available at the domestic Lettermail rate for 0-30 g, and would need to be used in combination with other stamps to equal the postage rates for oversize and international mailings. As the coils are designed for mechanical application, additional postage would need to be affixed manually.

Are the Large Coils available with any other design?

Each year only one design is selected for the Large Coils.

Do I need a Canada Post customer number to order the product?

Yes, you must have a Canada Post customer number to purchase the product.

How do I obtain a Canada Post customer number?

Please contact the Commercial Service Network at 1-866-757-5480.

I do not have an Incentive Lettermail Agreement with Canada Post. Can I still order the product?

All you need to order Large Coils is a Canada Post account number. Purchase coils using a credit card, or by account if you have billing privileges.

What are the product specifications?

The coils have been designed to be mechanically applied, and are compatible with existing industry application equipment. View the specifications for Large Coils.

Are the stamps pressure sensitive or water-activated?

The PERMANENT Stamps in Large Coils are pressure sensitive.

Where can I buy the equipment to mechanically apply the stamps?

Several manufacturers offer a range of equipment that is compatible with our Large Coils. The suppliers include: Postmatic, Rena Systems, Accufast, and Astro. Please contact them directly for information on the equipment.

Can I return the coil if I no longer wish to use it?

No, PERMANENT Stamps in Large Coils cannot be returned at any time.

Why mail works for your business

The facts speak for themselves! Mail is a great way to get your message opened and read:

  • 95% of Canadians are reading their mail as soon as they receive it or later on the same day1
  • 94% of Canadians are more likely to open an item that comes in the mail if they already do business with the company1
  • 91% of Canadians are more likely to open an item that comes in the mail if it looks official or important1 and/or
  • 87% of Canadians are more likely to open an item in the mail when it has their name and address on it1
  • 69% of Canadians prefer to receive their bills and invoices by mail compared to 29% by email and 2% by other means2
  • 64% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail compared to 32% by email and 4% by other means2
1 Source: Consumer Attitudes to Direct Mail and Traditional Media, May 2010
2 Source: CP Consumer Survey, November 2010.

Buy Stamps in Large Coils now

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Address Placement

Address placement

Consistent and accurate addressing eliminates the need for extra handling or redelivery by Canada Post. Standardized addressing helps ensure that mail is consistently "delivered on time, the first time, every time."

Lorem Ipsum

Including graphics on the envelope

Lorem Ipsum

On a large envelope

Lorem Ipsum

Proper formatting

To avoid unnecessary delays to your mail items, follow these addressing guidelines:

  • Write STREET ADDRESS in upper case letters
  • Write POSTAL CODES in upper case letters and separate the first three characters from the last three characters with one space. (No hyphens! Hyphenating postal codes could cause delays)
  • Place the municipality, province (or territory) and postal code on the same line
  • Separate the municipality from the province (or territory) with one space; separate the province (or territory) from the postal code with two spaces
  • Don't use punctuation unless it is part of a proper name, e.g., ST. JOHN'S
  • Format the return address the same way as the destination address and place it in the top-left corner of the envelope or package OR on the back of the item at the top.

Visual examples

Canadian Civic Addresses

  1. Place additional delivery information such as title, floor, etc. above the civic address.
  2. Place the unit number before the civic number with a hyphen in between.
  3. Use 1 space when a civic number suffix is present but do not use a space if it is an alpha (e.g. 123A).
  4. Separate the postal code from the province symbol by 2 spaces.

Lorem Ipsum

United States Addresses

  1. Use the full name of the city.
  2. Separate the state symbol from the city by 1 space.
  3. Separate the zip code from the state symbol by 2 spaces.
  4. Use the 2-character state symbol rather than the full state name.
  5. A zip code is either 5 or 9 digits. If it's 9 digits, a hyphen separates the 5th and 6th digits.

Lorem Ipsum

International Addresses

*Spell the country name correctly so that our mechanized equipment can read it.

Make sure the name of the country appears alone and is the last entry of the address block below the city name and postal code/zip code. Spell the name of the country in full and in capital letters (e.g.: write UNITED KINGDOM and not UK).

Other Examples

For your reference we are pleased to provide examples of properly addressed envelopes along with detailed explanations and helpful tools in the addressing guidelines.

The illustrated examples show how to correctly format address types such as:

General delivery
Post office box
Rural route
Civic / Street Addresses

Symbols and abbreviations

Addresses should be easy to read and concise and should not run off the edge of the envelope. This means you should abbreviate-properly-whenever possible. The addressing guidelines include a complete list of symbols and abbreviations recognized by Canada Post for:

Street types
Street directions
Unit designators for apartments and suites
Provinces and territories
U.S. states, territories, and possessions

Manage Returns


As the e-commerce marketplace grows by double-digit percentages, so does the need for merchants and other providers to have a returns solution that meets their shoppers' needs. Enhance shopper loyalty and build a competitive advantage by providing your customers with convenient returns solutions from Canada Post.

  • Step number 1 of 4

    Create and manage your parcel return preferences online or through web services

  • Step number 2 of 4

    Allow your customers to get return labels online or at a Post Office

  • Step number 3 of 4

    Manage and understand your return traffic with our 5-day return forecast

  • Step number 4 of 4

    Get tracking updates for your returns by email

Getting started

A Parcel Services Agreement with Canada Post. Need one? Call 1-866-747-3870

Your Canada Post username and password

Sign in Sign up

How it works

Create a parcel return policy with My Returns and you'll be able to offer return labels to shoppers online at and/or at more than 6,000 Post Offices. Your policies are activated almost immediately and require no website integration.

  • Step number 1 of 4

    Create a Parcel Return Policy on our website.

  • Step number 2 of 4

    Customize your policy

    Customize your policy to define:

    • where your customers can retrieve labels (online and/or at Post Offices)
    • the destination address for your returns
    • what shipping service you want to use
    • your return authorization requirements, if any
    • pickup options, and more.

  • Step number 3 of 4

    Email your customers a link

    Email your customers a link so they can print a return label right from our website, or instructions for getting a label at a Post Office.

  • Step number 4 of 4

    Your return authorization requirements, if any


My Returns provides a 5-day return forecast that will help you manage inventory, fulfill replacement requests, and streamline your return processes.

The return forecast helps you plan by letting you know how many returns you can expect to receive daily for the next 5 business days.

Please note: Numbers provided are estimates only. For the exact numbers required for accounting purposes, please see the returns section of My Orders.

Numbers are an aggregate that include all returns including those generated through electronic shipping tools, web services and return to sender shipments.

Other return services

Use our desktop shipping application (EST 2.0) and Return to Sender services.

For your shoppers' convenience, you can elect to include a parcel return label as part of your outbound shipment. EST 2.0 allows you to create a parcel return label associated with an outgoing shipment. Shoppers wishing to return their item simply attach the enclosed return label to their shipment and drop it in any street letterbox or at any Post Office.

Use Shipping Labels

Use shipping labels

This easy-to-use chart will help you make sure your items are packaged and labeled correctly and reach their final destination safely, securely and on time.

If the bar code on your item cannot be scanned by our automated processing equipment, you will not receive a delivery guarantee, online tracking information may be affected and all requests for claims payments will be voided.

Please note: Only shipping labels produced according to the most recent label specifications and approved by Canada Post are acceptable. To obtain the most recent label specifications, contact

Download PDF

Lorem Ipsum

Schedule a Pickup


Have parcels you are ready to ship? Canada Post will pick them up at your business address. Set up, modify and manage on-demand and scheduled pickup requests conveniently online — at the office, or on the go with your mobile device. Pay by credit card. Or, if you're a commercial customer, charge it to your account. Choose from the following Parcel Pickup service types depending on your needs.

Getting started

Sign up as a business customer and take advantage of our Parcel Pickup service. Canada Post provides services for all types of business shipments and shipping requirements.

  • Step number 1 of 4

    Check availability

    Parcel Pickup services are available in most cities across Canada. Find out if we pick up in your area by using our Parcel Pickup availability tool.

    Check availability

  • Step number 2 of 4

    A Canada Post customer number

    Get a Canada Post Customer Number

    Join VentureOne for free and save up to 8% on shipping

    Ship larger volumes?

    Qualify for a volume-based commercial parcels agreement if you make a minimum of 750 parcel shipments within Canada per year or a minimum of 100 parcel shipments to the US and around the world per year.

    To apply, contact a sales representative at 1 866 282 7175

    Your Canada Post username and password

    Sign in Sign up

  • Step number 3 of 4

    Set up, modify and manage pickup requests

    Set up, modify and manage on-demand and scheduled pickup requests online. Pay by credit card. Or, if you're a commercial customer, charge it to your account.

    Important note: All parcels and prepaid envelopes designated for Parcel Pickup must include shipping documentation as proof of purchase (i.e. shipping labels, postage stamps or meter impressions).

    Scheduled and Third-Party Scheduled pickups available only to commercial customers with a parcel agreement.

On-Demand Pickup

Do you have a sudden surge in customer shipments and can't make it to a post office or depot?

Available to all our Business customers, On-Demand allows you to request a pick up whenever you need it. A pick up can be arranged up to one month in advance for “Account” customers (five Business Days in advance for credit card Customers), or on the same Business Day, provided the request is made before the local call-in cut-off times.

No minimum number of shipments required - whether you have one parcel or a hundred, we're ready to help for only $3.50 per pick up. Service is FREE when you are shipping at least one item using our PriorityTM service!

Scheduled Pickup

Do you have steady customer shipments you need to ship and want us to come at regular time intervals - ie: every day, or every week? Available to commercial customers with a parcel agreement, Scheduled Pickup allows you to set up regular parcel pickups.

Now you can:

  • Step number 1 of 4


    New customers can set times for a driver to come to their location to pickup

  • Step number 2 of 4


    Need us to come at a different time? Reschedule your pickup to a new time

  • Step number 3 of 4


    If you are temporarily closing your business or have no planned shipments, avoid charges by cancelling your scheduled pickup at least 5 business days in advance and then restart it again when you are ready.

Fees for scheduled pickup are based on annual parcel purchases.

Third-Party Scheduled Pickup

Do you manage shipments on behalf of your customers? Available to commercial customers with a parcel agreement, Third-Party Scheduled Pickup allows you to extend Scheduled Pickup to your customers and charge it to your account.

Sell on eBay


You can now sell on and ship with Canada Post with the click of a mouse, without ever leaving the eBay website!

Whether you are sending within Canada, to the U.S. or internationally, you can create, purchase and print Canada Post shipping labels in just minutes, directly from eBay™. No need to register-just use your existing eBay and PayPal™ accounts.

  • Step number 1 of 4

    It's convenient

    Prepare and pay for your shipping labels from the comfort of home and drop off your packages at your local Post Office or in any street letter box (where size permits).

  • Step number 2 of 4

    It's fully integrated

    Ship and track your packages directly from My eBay and have pre-populated emails sent to you and your buyer.

  • Step number 3 of 4

    It's fast

    Have your buyer's address information pre-populated on your labels and print your ready-to-mail label from any printer. Prepare basic customs forms online for international shipments

    Plus, save 8% on shipments to Canada and 9% on U.S. and international shipments.*

Getting started


How Track works