The 2019 Canadian e-commerce benchmark report: New insights to drive your online business

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Today’s online retailing requires an all-in effort. From marketing to customer service, from your product mix to your operations, from testing which perks to offer to knowing the right metrics to watch – you need to succeed on every front.

But how do you know what to do and where to evolve? We asked 5,000 Canadian online shoppers what’s in their carts, how much they buy, what they expect, what technology they use and more. Then we distilled it into The 2019 Canadian e-commerce benchmark report.

The 2019 Canadian e-commerce benchmark report

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This unique report gives you a handy snapshot of the Canadian e-commerce landscape – with the latest numbers and a benchmark measurement of relevant changes in the last 2 years. You’ll also find:

  • Evolution of e-commerce in Canada. The good news is that Canada’s online shoppers want to buy more from Canadian retailers. Get insights into how to make it happen.
  • What consumers want. Learn why online shoppers will abandon a cart or, worse, avoid retailers in the future.
  • Growth opportunities. Get practical tips on how to meet online shoppers’ expectations and win more business.
  • Technology to watch. Find out which new technologies are quickly becoming part of online shoppers’ purchase journey.

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