3 key Canadian holiday packaging tips for online merchants

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching. People will soon be busy getting ready to decorate their homes and buying gifts for their families and friends. Whether that includes winter clothing, toolkits for dad, or toys for the kids, merchants need to be ready for the upcoming onslaught of retail traffic.

Special times of year like this one gives e-commerce merchants a special, memorable opportunity to be creative with your products’ appearance. It’s a chance to differentiate yourself from normal shipments and parcels by what’s inside and outside the box.

Let’s face it, the traditional brown box could benefit from an extreme makeover. Especially during the holiday season! It’s time to capitalize on the holiday cheer and spending habits by transforming an ordinary parcel into a celebratory spectacle.

Use these 3 packaging strategies to help your customers feel festive.

1. Design an imaginative exterior

Canadians spent around $98 million on gift wrap in 2016, so it’s clear that shoppers are concerned with how the outside looks, no matter what’s inside in the parcel. According to a survey by Dotcom Distribution, 49 per cent of online shoppers reported that branded packaging made them more excited to open their parcel. Just imagine when your parcel is branded and celebrates the season. Customers will be taken back to childhood and happily tearing open presents.

Spice Works — this Canadian e-commerce store sells hand-crafted spices. It generally keeps its parcels discreet. But for the holidays, the online merchant upgraded its packaging with vivid red designs in exclusive, wooden boxes.

The multiple different designs give this everyday company a little more pizzazz appropriate for the season.

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2. Unwrap the customer experience

The holiday season can be characterized by many things – cheer, candy canes… and chaos! There are millions of places to go, recipes to cook, and more. So the last thing on many people’s list is wrapping a present. That’s why customers love branded, themed packages that do all the work for them. Liberate your customers and allow them to cross off another time-consuming chore during their busiest time of the year.

OatBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers delicious, handcrafted breakfasts and snacks. The retailer designed a festive box with a big, red bow. These simple design enhancements  make the box holiday-themed and ready to gift.

Just think, the easier it is to give a gift, the more people will give them! Make it simple for your customers to increase sales.

3. It’s what’s inside that counts

The inside of a parcel is a premier place to continue the holiday sales by increasing retention and expanding to new customers. For example, consider offering a coupon for 15% for the customer who place the order and their friend. Not only do you enable your customers to spread the cheer, but you also encourage your sales continue past the holiday season.

Lastly, there are plenty of ways to spruce up this inside of the box. The interior is one more opportunity to excite your customers. Use tissue paper that matches the holiday theme. Create special packaging for the products, reflective of the season.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. sells 100% natural skincare created with safety in mind. Every product is toxin-free. Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s holiday boxes not only have a cheerful design on the outside, but they also contain similar designs on the products inside.

One last thing

It’s essential to keep your brand at the forefront of all of your holiday packaging updates. You want your customers to be able to recognize your company even as the seasons change. Be sure to be creative and consistent while still standing out. And don’t forget amidst all the chaos, to have a wonderful holiday season yourself.

For more insights on how your packaging strategy can enhance your customer’s shopping and receiving experience year-round, read this Canada Post blog and ShipStation’s branded shipping ebook.

Happy Holidays from ShipStation!

Megan Miller is a Partner Marketing & Events Coordinator at ShipStation, a leading provider of shipping software for e-commerce fulfillment.

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