Discover how Canada Post and WooCommerce work together

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To help retailers offer the shipping data and delivery experience their customers want, Canada Post works with today’s top e-commerce platforms, integrating its e-commerce solutions directly into their technology.

If you’re already a WooCommerce merchant, your e-commerce toolkit can be greatly enhanced by accessing several important Canada Post features designed to optimize your shipping and e-commerce operations.

There are two great solutions to enhance your WooCommerce store. You can take advantage of either, or both:

  1. The “Canada Post Shipping Method” by WooCommerce is an extension that when installed, allows you to show shipping fees and expected delivery datesin real-time to your customers on your checkout page.
  2. Shipping Solutions like ShipStation, OrderCup and ShipRobot will automate your operational tasks and offer other feature enhancements. These third party shipping solutions automatically import your orders from WooCommerce and print Canada Post shipping labels with one-click.

Why a real-time shipping strategy makes sense

Did you know that, according to a recent Canada Post survey of Canadian online shoppers, 13% of shoppers abandon their cart when shipping costs aren’t provided upfront?

Canada Post and WooCommerce’s live rating integration makes it possible to establish real-time shipping quotes based on exactly what’s in your customers’ carts,  charging them exactly what you’ll have to pay for delivery. Plus, the expected delivery date at checkout feature lets your customers select the delivery speed and fee option that best fits their needs before moving on to payment.

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By aligning with your customers’ priorities this way, you can make them feel their needs are understood and that you aren’t inflating shipping fees or raising product prices to cover costs.

Connecting your WooCommerce store to your Canada Post account

This live rating feature can be easily accessed via the “Canada Post Shipping Method“ extension – available through your WooCommerce Extensions store. Here’s what to do:

  1. Buy, install and activate the WooCommerce extension.
  2. Link your Canada Post account.
  3. Configure Desired Shipping Options such as Quote Type, Display Expected Delivery Date, Origin Postal Code.

Need more details? Here’s an excellent primer on how to install and manage extensions within WooCommerce.

Automate your WooCommerce store with Shipping Solutions and Canada Post

In addition to enabling Canada Post shipping label printing, third party Shipping Solutions –such as ShipStation, OrderCup or ShipRobot– can do much more for your e-commerce operations.

Adding a shipping solution can streamline shipping and fulfillment and make tracking shipments and inventory that much easier as well – particularly if you sell on multiple sales channels.

Third party shipping solutions can enhance your store’s operations.

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Several shipping solutions integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce platform and Canada Post, allowing you to:

  • pull orders in real-time
  • automate label printing and manifests
  • update e-stores with tracking numbers
  • send shipping notification emails
  • prepare international customs forms
  • generate detailed reports

The following Shipping Solutions are compatible with both CPC and WooCommerce:

Want to learn more?

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