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Canadians are shopping online more often, and their expectations for a good online shopping experience are on the rise. They want a simple ordering and delivery process. To keep them coming back for more, merchants need to meet or exceed their receiving experience expectations.

We surveyed 5,000 Canadian online shoppers to find out what factors motivate them to checkout and come back. We explored some of those factors in our recent blog post, Build customer loyalty by optimizing your shopping experience. Today we’re looking at the key factors of a good receiving experience.

When it comes to delivery, shoppers care about how fast you can ship their item, how convenient the receiving experience is, and who will deliver their order. At the very least, most want to know when they will receive their purchase before they checkout. All of these factors impact customer loyalty. The more shopper-friendly your shipping experience is, the more likely your customers will return.

Delivering customer satisfaction, fast

Fast delivery times matter, but it’s important to note that Canadian shoppers are pretty patient. If they qualify for free shipping on their order, they are usually willing to wait.

On the other hand, if the shopper wants to pay for shipping, they tend to expect faster delivery options to choose from. Make sure they have a choice, as shoppers are more likely to come back to retailers who offer the shipping options they may need in the future.


Canada Post offers a full suite of shipping services and speeds that can help you extend desirable options to your shoppers. Give your customers the power to pick the delivery service that best fits their needs – many will also be willing to pay a premium fee for faster options!

The more often someone shops online, the savvier they become about the shipping process. Most online shoppers expect clear communication from merchants regarding delivery and fulfillment times. As a merchant there is no room to be vague here – you need to master your timelines and communicate them clearly and accurately,or risk losing customers long term. Canadian shoppers know it takes time for you to process their order – but they expect you to be upfront about your fulfillment time.

Big name retailers have set the bar high for fast fulfillment and clear communication with their customers. They set a hard deadline for each order, and their customers hold them to it. If you haven’t worked out your exact timelines yet, provide an estimate at checkout and notify the shopper once their order is ready to be shipped. This will give them peace of mind and show them that you are doing your best to keep them in the loop. Mastering your fulfillment process is even more important in the holiday season when you may receive your highest order volumes of the year.

Delivering great experiences

Like a finale, receiving an order is potentially the most memorable part of a customer’s experience. If this part of the process disappoints, you might never hear from them again.

Keep your customers happy throughout the entire shopping and delivery process with these tips:

Set delivery date expectations upfront, and keep shoppers informed.

Managing your customers’ expectations influences how satisfied they will be with their overall experience. Keep them happy and informed by letting them track their purchases and by fulfilling any delivery date promises you made to them at checkout. Canada Post’s e-commerce solutions can help you set clear delivery expectations.

Offer convenient pick-up options.

Many Canadian shoppers are choosing omni-channel shopping paths. As a retailer you should leverage your network to offer flexible delivery and pick-up options. You don’t necessarily need to prioritize this over to-the-door delivery as 82% of shoppers say home delivery is key to a good delivery process. Bottom line? The more options you can offer customers, the better. Leveraging Canada Post’s vast network across the country, via our Deliver to Post Office and FlexDelivery solutions, means your shoppers can have convenient receiving options right at their fingertips.

Learn more about how you can drive customer loyalty with an optimized receiving experience.

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Display your delivery carrier.

Many shoppers prefer certain delivery companies. Make sure to let them know who will be delivering their package from the outset. For domestic deliveries, half of Canadians prefer Canada Post as their delivery company.

With these tips for how to provide a great delivery experience to your customers, you’ll be more likely to meet their expectations and keep them coming back for more.

Source: 2016 Canadian Online Shopper Study, CPC 16-202, April 2016

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