Our most-read shipping and e-commerce blogs of 2018, and we want to hear from you!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of 2018. What a whirlwind of a year it’s been!

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Our most-read shipping and e-commerce blogs of 2018

Here are our most-read shipping and e-commerce blogs from 2018. If you haven’t read these blog posts yet, now is your chance!

1. Must knows of international shipping

International shipping can be difficult and intimidating to navigate if you’re new to it. This blog post covers everything from the customs process to duties and taxes. Before you take the leap and start shipping internationally, you need to understand the markets you plan to ship to – including their buying habits, import rules and regulations, as well as preferred payment methods.

If you want to grow your cross-border sales, you need to read this thorough blog post.

2. 3 key returns considerations

Returns don’t have to be a loss for your business. When handled well, they can actually lead to customer acquisition and retention. As a result, a positive and simple returns strategy is worth its weight in gold. It’ll encourage new customers to buy from you, and turn them into loyal shoppers.

Read this blog to learn about the 3 key returns considerations that should inform your business’ returns strategy.

3. Why packaging is more important than you think

Using the right shipping packaging for your products is essential. It protects them in transport, can help your business cut costs, and has the opportunity to foster a positive delivery experience for your customers.

Read this blog to get tips for choosing the right shipping packaging for your products. Take notes on this one – we dive into how your packaging impacts everything from shipping weight to the unboxing experience.

4. How to setup packing stations for e-commerce

In this blog post, guest author Aaron Rubin of ShipHero dives into the best ways to set up packing stations for e-commerce warehouse success.

Rubin has worked in e-commerce fulfillment for over 20 years and really knows it inside and out. In this blog post, he covers the roles of packers and pickers and how to work with them for maximum efficiency. You’ll learn the essentials for a great packing station as well as how to analyze and assess your current packing stations for issues and inefficiencies.

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