Infographic – The 2020 Canadian e-commerce report: A snapshot of our unique insights

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Attracting online shoppers today is tough, but our 2020 Canadian e-commerce infographic is designed to make it easy. It provides you with the most critical insights and statistics, from our exclusive research study, to help you optimize your business for success.

In this snapshot of the Canadian e-commerce market, you’ll learn about:

  • How often, how much and where online shoppers buy. Understanding consumer buying behaviour is the first step to winning their dollars.
  • What’s in their cart. Do you sell what shoppers want? Find out.
  • The key influences of retailer selection. Find out what shoppers look for when it comes to choosing a retailer and how you can stand out.
  • New channels and selling models. Discover how retailers can expand their reach and build relationships with online shoppers.

The 2020 Canadian e-commerce report infographic

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Looking for more information on Canadian e-commerce? Our full report provides extensive e-commerce insights – gleaned from the buying behaviour of 5,000 Canadian online shoppers. It illustrates how the e-commerce landscape in Canada has evolved and what online shoppers really want from their shopping experiences.

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