The 2020 Canadian e-commerce report: Navigate e-commerce confidently with our unique insights

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It takes work, strategy and insight to attract online shoppers today. Our 2020 Canadian e-commerce report will provide you with insight into who’s buying online, what they are buying, and how much.

You won’t find insights like these anywhere else. They were gleaned from the buying behaviour of 5,000 Canadian online shoppers to illustrate how the e-commerce landscape in Canada has evolved and what online shoppers really want from their shopping experiences. Find out how your business stacks up and how you can optimize it for success.

The 2020 Canadian e-commerce report.

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Our report gives you a better understanding of the Canadian e-commerce market. You’ll learn:

  • How e-commerce has evolved and where it’s headed. The majority of Canadians shop online now. Find out how to win their dollars.
  • New channels and models. Learn how retailers are expanding their reach and building relationships with online shoppers.
  • The key influences of retailer selection. Discover what shoppers value most when it comes to choosing a retailer and which influences can make you stand out.

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