2020 holiday shoppers start early

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In a year of retail change, consumers are shifting their habits. Research1 shows some may start holiday shopping as early as October. You might be surprised to learn that nearly 90 per cent of key retail, automotive and financial purchase decisions are made or discussed at home – regardless of where consumers buy. Promoting your brand for peak season this year will mean connecting early – and effectively – especially with at-home consumers and work-from-homers.

Integrated campaigns are most effective

Integrating Smartmail MarketingTM into your marketing mix is an opportunity to stand out – remind, re-engage, reward loyalty and encourage frequency. Through personal, authentic, relevant and emotional connections, direct mail media can bring brands to life and fuel their long-term success. Focus on finding the right mix and the best sequence. Combining channels can lead to a 45 per cent increase in response rates.

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COVID-19 has profoundly changed shopper behaviour, so succeeding this holiday season could be more of a challenge for most. Here are some of the best ways to get a head start on this year’s holiday promotions by weaving direct mail into the mix:

Get going now

Be early to market with your message – it will help your brand stand out. Potential customers are ready to receive it – 54 per cent2 are open to shopping early in 2020 and 32 per cent3 are open to shopping in October.

Combine and conquer

How you share matters. Direct mail and digital channels are most effective when they work together, optimized to improve reach and timing. Programmatic mail combines the timeliness of online media with the sensory appeal and proven results of direct mail. Based on shoppers’ online activity and intent, you can recapture sales by delivering personalized direct mail to them in as little as 48 hours. See how Golf Town did just that.

Make yourself seen and heard

Compared to last year, 32 per cent4 of online shoppers expect to spend less this holiday season. Competition for consumer spend will be fierce, so pump up your presence by reaching consumers at home in more ways than one. Consider combining mail with mobile, social, out of home (OOH) or email. Don’t worry about being too in their face – customers want to hear from you. 34 per cent5 of online shoppers were open to receiving promotions from retail stores during the pandemic. This will likely increase during the holiday season.

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Think local

2020 has been challenging for local businesses, but communities are coming together to keep them afloat. This trend may be here to stay as 85 per cent6 of consumers who bought more online from small businesses (to help support them) say they will continue to support smaller businesses as much as they can after COVID-19. Engage your local community as they could be your strongest advocates and customers. Tug on their heart strings and they will rally for you.

Neighbourhood MailTM, Personalized MailTM and Postal Code Targeting can get your brand in front of the Canadians who want to hear about it. 51 per cent7 of Canadians surveyed are open to receiving promos from small, local businesses.

Stretch your campaign

The impact of promotional direct mail is measured in weeks rather than seconds. Research⁸ shows that it lingers in the home. People spend time with it, share it and remember its messages.

  • 8 in 109 will display advertising mail of interest in their household.
  • 7 in 1010 will share advertising mail within their household.
  • 39 per cent11 more time is spent with integrated direct mail and digital than digital-only campaigns.
  • There’s 10 per cent12 higher brand recall for direct mail and digital than single-media digital campaigns.

You can use this longevity to your advantage by providing longer-lasting offers.

We hope our tips help you thrive this holiday season. We wish you success in 2020 and beyond!

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