Loyalty’s secret sauce: How often should you contact existing customers?

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If you’ve ever wondered how often you should touch base with existing customers, the e-commerce experts at Demac Media have the data-based answer.

You should reach out every 3 weeks!

Demac Media’s Q3 2016 Benchmark Report revealed that the average returning customer organically visits every 2-3 weeks.

Did you know that returning customers spend 3 times more than one-time customers? Talk about an insight which makes “cents” right before the holidays.

Demac Report

So what does this mean for your business?

Let’s take a step back. Before you have a returning customer, you need to convert that shopper into your customer.

Today’s savvy e-commerce shoppers have high expectations for the online shopping experience. By optimizing your site experience (hint: don’t forget about mobile) and your back-end operations to deliver on the promises you make upfront, you’ll set up your business to do better in the ever-important conversion factor.

Now, let’s look at your current customer base – how often do you engage with them? Sure, Demac’s insights show that regulars are coming back to you on average every 2-3 weeks – but setting up a relationship-nurturing strategy every 3 weeks will ensure that you’ll have a recurring touchpoint with customers who don’t visit your store as regularly.

Read the full report to get more customer insights.

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Ask yourself

What marketing tactics can you use from the available options to grow your cohort of returning customers? You want as many customers as possible to come back and spend that 3 times more with you.

For now, audit your existing touch points and see how they help (or not) in bringing customers back to your site and purchasing more. This is the first step towards nailing the challenge of customer loyalty and growing your share of the market.