Marketing insights and videos from Think INSIDE the Box 2016

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What happens when you mix paper, pixels, and neurons? Think INSIDE the Box 2016 explored the profitable opportunities at the intersection of physical and digital marketing channels.

Here’s your chance to watch the sessions – either for the first time, to revisit key learnings, or to share with your colleagues.

Keynote: Connecting for Action

Elissa Moses, Ipsos and Jennifer Campbell, Canada Post

Presenting Canada Post’s new neuroscience study. Learn what happens in consumers’ brains, depending on the types of marketing channels they interact with, and the sequence that messages are presented in. Watch this short clip as Elissa explains sequencing.

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Keynote: The adventure of business:  Lessons learned at the top of the world

Jamie Clarke,

Climbing Everest twice is just part of this best-selling author, adventure filmmaker, and businessman’s story. He believes that the key to his success is “being perfectly average – which makes me unique.” Watch this short clip as Jamie shares how we are all “average.”

Keynote: Paper, pixels and presence – Making indelible impressions by design

Rick Valicenti, Thirst (3st)

 The founder of one of the world’s best-known boutique design firms shares the creative journey behind some of his most iconic work. Watch Rick’s full presentation now.

Keynote: Print in a digital world – 2017 Trend Report Launch

Michael Chase, St. Joseph Communications

 An acclaimed annual marketing “Hit Parade” of innovative campaigns from around the world – with insights and commentary from one of Canada’s most recognized Chief Marketing Officers.  Watch Michael’s presentation now.

Download a copy of St. Joseph Communication’s 2017 Print Trend Report.

Baby Box Canada: The birth of a new marketing channel

Edward Walker, Baby Box Canada

This entrepreneur takes you through the process of building a business around one of the most “special moments” in life – sparked by the birth of his own child. Watch Edward’s full presentation.

Pathway to Loyalty: Making the experience real

James Caroll, World Vision Canada; Cam Shapansky, Blue North Strategies; and Rich Bassett, Bassett Direct

World Vision Canada needed to improve the onboarding experience for donors. Striking the right balance between digital and physical materials made the difference. Watch the full presentation.

Bonus: Discover how this strategic approach, and close collaboration with partners, created a personalized experience for World Vision donors, and a greater impact in the field of child sponsorship.

Beyond impressions: How mobile messaging, web-based experiences, and data are shaping the future of marketing

Andy Bruce, MobileX

 Discover a new way to talk to your customers. Direct mail and other offline channels can take a conversation into the mobile realm in a more meaningful way – keeping customers engaged with your brand. Watch the full presentation.

Hey you – Get in the box!

Audrey Jamieson and Janice Dumphie, Marketing Kitchen

This lively presentation includes the duo’s hard-won Top 10 Tips for running an effective direct mail campaign – one that targets the right audience for stellar ROI. Watch the full presentation.

NFC Technology: Smart paper could rock your next campaign’s results

Mark Heise, Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Circuit-embedded paper that can go through a printer offers amazing possibilities – like a deck of cards that is also a music album. Seamlessly bridge the gap between people’s digital and physical spaces. Watch the full presentation.

4 meaningful messages a day – Is yours one of them?

Ryan Harper, Xerox Canada

The average Canadian sees 3,000 marketing messages a day, pays attention to about 50 of them, and positively remembers 4 of them. How can you increase the chance that yours is one of them? Watch the full presentation.

From insight to incite: making brands connect in a multi-channel world

Jon Crowley, Publicis; Rene Rouleau, BMM; Dan Gaede, BBDO; and Trent Thompson, Cossette

 Some top agency professionals look at their favourite global best-in-class marketing campaigns, and find that connecting to real issues is key. Watch the full panel discussion.

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