Think INSIDE the Box 2015: Key Insights

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Every year, Think INSIDE The Box showcases leading edge strategies to maximize your marketing impact. This year we featured Smart Marketing: campaigns that combine digital with physical elements to target and retain customers and prospects.

Experts from marketing and creative businesses showed how Physicality, Data and Connectivity create a smarter marketing approach – getting your brand in customers’ hands for sustained action.

A big thank you to all sponsors, speakers, and attendees for joining Canada Post at this year’s Think INSIDE the Box. See what our experts had to share at this year’s event. Download your own copy of the presentations.


Jeannette McMurtry (Vancouver)
Principal, e4marketing

Psychology-Based Marketing: Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI

An expert on psychology-based marketing, Jeannette McMurtry shows how marketing to the unconscious mind drives customer action. Our unconscious mind reacts to new stimuli more quickly than our conscious mind, and influences us to take action. From the colour or shape of words on a website, to the display of physical products, everything has an effect on customer choices.

Find out more about Pschology Based marketing by downloading Jeanette’s white paper, Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI.

Joe Mimran (Toronto)
Founder, Club Monaco and Joe Fresh brands

Joe spoke on the need for a clear vision. Every aspect of your brand needs to be consistent. How your brand presents itself must have the same focus on all channels and in all of the details. Live what you are preaching, and remain open to change as an entrepreneur.

Diana Lucacci (Toronto)
Founder & CEO, True Impact Marketing

Brain Power for Smarter Marketing

By using neuroscience to understand how people feel towards certain products, Diana shared with Marketers the four key things they need to know; focus on core needs, motivate with emotion, build trust, and change belief.

Michael Chase (Toronto, Winnipeg)
Chief Marketing Officer, St. Joseph Communications

The Hybridization of Content: How to merge marketing, content and technology in bold and exciting ways

The way consumers engage with brands has dramatically changed. They can access products and product information instantaneously, and they can interact with a brand in many ways. Marketers need to know how to be storytellers in this connected world, and how to merge marketing, content and technology in bold and exciting ways.

Download St. Joseph Communications’ latest trend report, “2016 Print in a Digital World”.

Stephen Brown (Winnipeg)
President, FUSE Marketing Group

60 Days of Direct Marketing

Stephen Brown, and his team at FUSE Marketing Group, went on a 60 day Direct Mail Quest. He shared their findings on who’s actually winning in the DM game; who’s doing mail right, what opportunities were missed, and what brands are using direct mail most effectively.

Mark Michaud (Toronto/Winnipeg)
Senior Vice President,
Ariad Communications

Are you suffering from premachurnTM? How to fix onboarding, keep customers, and get more from your marketing dollars

The secret to successful customer retention and action lies in smart marketing: pulling together digital and physical worlds. Direct mail in a digital world is uniquely effective.

Download Ariad’s new whitepaper.

Emma Warrillow (Toronto/Vancouver)
Chief DiGGer/President,
Data Insight Group Inc. (DiG)

Engagement: More than Just Wearing Your Ring

Emma used a case study to look at customer relationships and measure where they fit. Not all long-time relationships are healthy; some relationships are based on apathy and inertia, others are engaged and thriving.

Lilly Harder (Toronto)
Vice President Research, Mintel

Engaging consumers in an omnichannel world

Lily shared new and exciting ways for marketers to reach customers, whoever they are, on whatever device they are using. She showed them how consumer behaviour and preferences are changing direct mail’s role in the overall marketing mix.

Julio Tavares (Winnipeg)
Vice President, Database marketing & Insights, Cornerstone Group of Companies

How-To Thrive in the Changing Landscape of Direct to Consumer Marketing

Julio showed marketers how companies are effectively marketing directly with consumers, and how they are converting interaction into sales by moving to a marketing omni-channel environment, and by leveraging big data at an individual level.

Mark Gordon (Toronto)
President, Fourword Marketing

From Direct Mail To Digital: Understanding What Your Audience Wants To Hear

Marc explained how direct mail and digital can work together to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Getting social ‘likes’ has a lower ROI than collecting the contact information (email) of your prospective clients.

Darian Kovacs (Vancouver)
Principal, Jelly Marketing
Eric Reynolds (Toronto, Winnipeg)
Director of Marketing, Jelly Marketing

Mixing Offline and Online Strategies for Maximum Impact

Experts in digital and PR, Jelly Marketing knows how social media, online ads and digital PR can mix with your offline, print and mailing strategies. Eric Reynolds and Darian Kovacs each shared case studies and results for e-tail, e-commerce, B2B and B2C clients when mixed with PR, online ads, social media and direct mail.


Jennifer Campbell & Mike Badour
Canada Post, SmartMail Marketing

Jennifer Campbell, General Manager Direct Marketing, and Mike Badour, General Manager Direct Marketing Sales, presented Smartmail Marketing, Canada Post’s approach to Direct Mail.

By blending three powerful elements – Physical, Data and Connectivity – marketers can now make their marketing mix more relevant and more engaging than ever before.

Learn about the Science of Activation.

Find out more about Smartmail Marketing.

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