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When you own a small business, every dollar you spend counts. Shipping is an inevitable, and at times costly, expense that most retail businesses must face. If you want to come out ahead, you need the right shipping partner.

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Canada Post: The ideal shipping partner for your business

Your shipping partner should be affordable, dependable and helpful. It should also serve the areas you serve. Here are a few key reasons why Canada Post is the ideal shipper for your business:

Our incomparable shipping rates

When choosing a shipper for your business, it’s critical to compare rates. For example, when businesses use Canada Post instead of Fedex to ship from Vancouver to Halifax they can save a minimum of $18.43. We also don’t charge residential surcharges (these are additional charges when delivering your packages to a home address) like UPS ($3.80) or FedEx ($3.85 per package) do. Whether you’re shipping within your Canadian city, coast to coast or internationally, our affordable rates will wow you.

Our money-saving opportunities and volume discounts

Over half a million businesses use Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM – for good reason. Whether you ship a little or a lot, you can save with the program. Member businesses save between 5 and 47 per cent, depending on how much they spend on shipping annually and where they ship. Those who spend more than $7,500 on shipping in a year will save up to 34 per cent on shipping within Canada, up to 23 per cent within the U.S. and up to 57 per cent internationally. That’s a lot of money saved over the lifetime of a business!

Our time-saving opportunities

Don’t forget that time is money. Canada Post has a flat parcel pickup rate of $3.50 per pickup (for an unlimited number of parcels), which will help you save time getting your parcels out the door. Canada Post also offers free parcel pickup for PriorityTMand PriorityTM Worldwide shipping services.

We ship where you ship

Not all shippers serve the same areas. It’s important to check that your shipper handles the areas you plan to ship to for a reasonable cost. Canada Post has a real advantage here as it ships to all Canadian addresses and has more than 6,200 post office locations across Canada – far more than any of its competitors. Our long-distance shipping rates are competitively priced as well. For example, shipping from Toronto to Vancouver is more than 50 per cent more affordable with Canada Post than FedEx.

Shipping has a major impact on your business’ bottom line. You might already have a shipper that you trust in place for your business, but if they’re overcharging you for their services they are a potential liability.

You can’t beat our rates!

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