9 reasons to shop online this holiday season

November 19, 2014
2 minute read

More and more Canadians are shopping online for everything from fashion and health and beauty products to hardware. This holiday season, save yourself the stress, and shop online instead!

Here are 9 reasons why shopping online can’t be beat for convenience and savings.

Find your favorite brands

Don’t roam aimlessly around the mall unable to find the products you’re looking for. Avoid trying to find a sales person to see if your product is in stock. Find your favorite perfume, sports equipment, or makeup brand online.

Get product information

Find out what your sweater is made of, whether your size is in stock, what colours are available, and if other customers gave it good reviews. Online shops offer product information at-a-glance!

Free shipping

Many online shops offer free shipping to your home or nearest post office. You avoid heavy bags, awkward parking and expensive home delivery from a brick and mortar store.

Find unique international products

You are no longer limited to what you can find in your local mall! Do you want that bottle of wine you saw in France? Those great shoes from Italy? Look up the brand or product and chances are someone, somewhere online will have it for sale.

Better variety

Ever go shopping and find out the store only carries a certain brand or range of sizes and colours? Shopping online means you’re buying from a wholesale location – you don’t have to call across town and ask another store if they have it in stock! Plus, if your favorite online store doesn’t have your product, a quick search will find another that does.

Compare products

In person, comparing prices between stores and products is time consuming, tiring, and hard to get the right information. Searching for the same product online through different vendors will give you price comparisons within seconds.

Use retail coupons

It’s inconvenient to carry a stack of paper coupons. When you shop online, a quick search usually turns up a promotional offer that you can use instantly. Getting discounts has never been so easy!

Less stressful than shopping at the mall

You don’t need to book a babysitter, change your clothes, walk around a crowded mall, fight for parking, stand in long line-ups at the cash or bring along tired and hungry little ones. Best of all, online shopping is hassle free! Save the stress, shop online, and find what you want.

Save your money

When you shop online, you save more money than you realize! From gas, to public transit fares, parking meters, to quick snacks while you wait… you save your money. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with impulse purchases that grab your attention at the checkout stand.

Did you know that online retailers work directly with wholesalers? You cut out the middle man when you shop online!

Do you shop online during the holiday season? What do you like best about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.