International Incentive Letter-post™ Key Support Documents
Service Overview
International Incentive Letter-post
Customer Guide

Information you need to know to qualify and use the International Incentive Letter-post service.
Delivery Standards
Information on how long it will take for your International Incentive Letter-post items to be transported and delivered.
Postal Guide
Information on products and services offered by Canada Post for mailing within Canada, to the U.S.A. or to international destinations.
Mail Item Requirements
Addressing Guidelines
Information on how to properly address your mail items to ensure efficient processing.
Mail Preparation and Deposit Requirements
Container signage: Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) User Guide
Detailed support guide to assist you in completing and submitting your electronic Orders.
On-demand Pick-up Service
Pick-up is available for International Incentive Letter-post (Premium, Per Item and Standard) customers at no additional charge, in certain locations. To arrange for pick-up, call 1-888-550-6333.

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Destination Listing
Customer Guides Postal Standards Guides Mail Preparation &
Presortation Guides
Postal Indicia Labels General Terms
and Conditions
Canada Post Corporation
Act and Regulations
Glossary ABCs of Mailing
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