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    Join our Developer Program to get access to free APIs, plugins and technical documentation to easily integrate our e-commerce solutions into your existing platform, website or custom app. Post questions to our discussion forum and get real-time answers from our technical staff. Connect with other developers to share ideas and get inspiration.

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    It’s what your customers want. Meet online shopper demand by offering: Canadian and international shipping options, rate estimates in seconds, convenient returns, tracking and more.


    It’s easy! We give you API keys for your website and you can easily search our forum for commonly asked questions. If you have a question of your own, post it and get answers from our technical staff.


    We speak your language. Access our web services in the programming language of your choice.


    Access to the largest distribution network in Canada. We deliver to every address in the country and have more than 6,000 post offices.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Sign up, it’s free.
    2. Get your API keys (displayed on the main Developer Program page). We’ll provide code samples in any programming language: Java, PHP and C# and servers using XML over REST or SOAP 1.1 protocol.
    3. Integrate our services immediately.
    4. Test your application and go live.