Direct mail drives action for your brand

Get your message into the hands of Canadians by adding direct mail into your marketing mix.

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Why direct mail marketing?

Our neuromarketing research indicates that our brains are hardwired to pay attention to direct mail and take action, especially in the digital age.

We’ve applied this research to develop a more intelligent approach to direct mail – we call it Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM.

Still need convincing? The numbers speak for themselves

Direct mail has a 20% higher motivation response than digital media, making it far more persuasive.

Consumers pay 39% more attention (time spent) to campaigns that integrate direct mail and digital than single-media campaigns.

47% visited a store in reaction to direct mail.

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Use direct mail marketing to help introduce your company to new customers, drive customer engagement and elicit a better response for every dollar of your budget.

Audience insights and solutions

Access our accurate and up-to-date databases for your next direct mail campaign. Layer on our rich audience insights to help reach your ideal customers, reduce returned mail and increase effectiveness.

Advertise your small business

Small businesses get discounts when they use direct mail to grow. The more you send, the more you save. Sign up for Canada Post Solutions for Small BusinessTM, it’s free with no hidden fees. Terms and conditions apply.
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Marketing for larger-volume businesses

Do you send more than 100,000 direct mail pieces (like flyers, samples or postcards) annually? Contact us for volume-based discounts. Terms and conditions apply.
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Tools to launch your campaign.

Snap AdmailTM

Launch an effective direct mail campaign from design to delivery in under 10 minutes. No experience necessary!
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Online interactive tool that helps you find your target customer, prepare and pay for your mailing.

Expert partners

Let our Smartmail Marketing partners take care of all the details for you – design, targeting, printing, mail preparation and more.

    Snap Admail PlusTM

    Reach customers at home and online. Integrated direct mail, digital and social campaigns. Use promo code Snap150 and save $150.

    The easy way to get more reach for your marketing.