Make marketing dollars go further with more accurate customer lists

    Get your message into more homes and businesses of Canadians while reducing the cost of undeliverable mail.

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    Address Accuracy

    Help optimize campaign results by correcting, completing and properly formatting your customer list.

    You’ll also receive:
    • A statement of accuracy report for any addressed mail over 5,000 pieces.
    • A detailed report whose insights include possible issues in how you collect your customer data.
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    National Change of Address (NCOA) identification

    Find out which people and businesses on your list have moved. Lists include consenting movers only. Terms and conditions apply.
    • Identifies who has moved in the last 72 months. 
    • Replaces old addresses with current ones, if available.
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    Layer on our additional services for added accuracy

    Suite infill

    Unique to Canada Post. As apartment buildings become ever more popular, suite numbers matter more in your marketing campaigns.
    • Add missing suite numbers to multi-unit building addresses.
    • Reduce undeliverable mail.

    Name and address validation

    Help your marketing reach its target – confirm that the person or business name on your list currently receives mail at this address. Only from Canada Post.

    Eliminate duplicates

    Reduce the unnecessary costs of sending identical mailings to the same customer – and eliminate the annoyance customers feel at getting it twice– when you use de-duplication services.
    • Flags multiple records for the same person.
    • Identifies multiple people at the same address.

    Focus on more prospects

    Suppress the addresses of people who have registered for the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) "Do not contact" list and remove the deceased.

    Rural to civic conversion

    Identify rural addresses that have been converted to civic addressing. You can reconnect with rural customers in your database by inputting their new address.