Target the right audience for your direct mail campaign

    Our free online tool, Precision Targeter™, lets you plan your next mailing using interactive maps and demographic data. You can send flyers, postcards or samples to every mailbox in a selected neighbourhood.

    Use Precision Targeter

    Why use Precision Targeter


    Flexible direct mail options. You can plan around the total pieces you want to send or the maximum you want to spend.


    Target the addresses with the most potential – choose from any of the 14 demographic categories that matter most to your business.


    Get detailed reports that include: interactive maps with your selected routes, summary of your demographic choices, and an estimated cost for your campaign.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Choose from 14 demographic categories like driving distance, household age and income, or whether you want to reach houses, apartments or businesses.
    2. Select a neighbourhood from our interactive maps where you want your direct mail piece to be delivered.
    3. Make adjustments to the route or demographic categories until you’ve met your business and budget goals.
    4. Create a Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ order using our shipping tool – EST Online.

    Learn how to use Precision Targeter

    Get familiar with the online tool and find out how to plan and execute a Neighbourhood Mail campaign step-by-step.
    Watch tutorial videos